Friday, 3 June 2016

Curing diabetes

In a full viral infection, small fragments of the virus are spun off – to be picked up and used by other infections. An important pathogen leader impedes the action of insulin.
In the viral fragment we know as type 2 diabetes, this stops the secretion of innate insulin. The viral rump is inflated, to divide and grow in a viral sort of way.
In type 1, the viral rump make the antisense to insulin. This enzyme binds to insulin, and stops it working. Again the rump is over inflated, in order to divide and grow.
This is similar to the viral rump that divides to the limit – we know as cancer. 2013 I was walking around with a 150 W 40 kHz ultrasound massage device. I have now established a 8 W 1 MHz device is more effective and 25 times cheaper to run.
Product Details
When applied externally to the lower right of the chest, over the pancreas, the troublesome viral rump is cleared – in just ½ a minute.
So type 2 clears instantly – as the effect of the rump on insulin secretion is cleared. Medics in the UK are very concerned, about the number of diabetics no longer taking medication.
They do not show up in A&E – as they are being cured. Every registered Dr is meant to use best medicine. And HIUS totally clears diabetes!
Type 1 clears instantly, but the liver takes 3 days to clear the antisense enzyme. The diabetes then remits. A 3 day wait to a total cure is best medicine.
Every health centre on Earth has a 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound unit – licensed for medical use. This is also HIUS.
Clearing all diabetes at 1 appointment – though type 1 has a hysteresis in remitting – 3 days.
No bio-chemical use. Once the diabetes is gone. No more HIUS use. We want ½ a minute of HIUS to both sides of the chest throat and nose, to clear all infections.
Bio-chemical treatments are vastly more expensive, provide compromised lives, with multi organ failure and blindness.
So no Dr can ethically use bio-chemistry for diabetes, since this idea was personally confirmed and published on the internet 2013.
Once an individual has a suitable ultrasound device, they can cure their friends of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, IBS, MS, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Schizophrenia …
Mental health problems remit of ½ a second of HIUS to either side of the head: low power ultrasound confirms the symptomatic viral rump cells are cleared.
So no bio-chemical work or prescription for mental health problems is ethical. Dr.s MUST use the health centre high power ultrasound unit to clear mental health problems – or they are committing 1st degree murder of their own patients.
All Dr.s working on bio-chemistry ceases to be a registered Dr – and this invalidates their insurance, and they must leave medicine – going back 14 years.

Bio-chemistry is defective medicine.

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