Thursday, 30 June 2016

10 Drowning St 2007

All conversations here are just what I think went on. In the chat between Tim and Class. In the room occupied by the UK PM
Tim Well this is it! We are gong to sell of British Nuclear Power. It's great.
Class Horrible industry – but who will want it?
Tim They showed me the balance sheet – British SpitFiers are interested.
Class So you are selling it off to the British?
Tim It's not like the Chinese would be interested. I mean – not safe. A line of static nuclear bombs in England – you would have to be mad. Almost as bad as selling it to the French.
Class I wrote an essay on this at college – since Chernobyl every nuclear plant has needed insurance of 40 billion.
Tim Don't be silly – nobody could ever sell cover. No the nuclear boys assure me that 50 million is enough.
Class So nuclear is advising you on the law? I thought that was my job – human rights lawyer and all that!
Tim Oh that's why you go off in the lawyer wig and stuff – I thought you were an escort girl: by the way, it would pay more money.
Class I have been a bit concerned at the rate you are getting through your pocket money – being PM does not pay.
Tim Worries over – take a look at this (Hands over the invoice from nuclear power)
Class Nuclear will pay you that?
Tim Just for letting me sell them. And green lighting any planing application. No insurance questions asked – see they were concerned about it to.
Class £60 million. And the use of the villa in the Bahamas. Just in-case. In-case of what daring?
Tim I seemed rude to ask.
Class Well that is settled then. No more insurance questions and 60 million.
Tim And nobody would dare challenge me – I am PM. And that Dice-but-Dim person can sort out all the mess, as we fly off to the sun.

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