Thursday, 30 June 2016

Illegal nuclear

I met the power station regulator in 1984, and he told me a power station without adequate insurance would be issued with an immediate stop order.
Then in 1986 Ukrainian nuclear had Chernobyl, and the valid insurance became 40 billion – nuclear power only caries 50 million per plant. The rest is carried by the government – you!
In 2007 Tony Blair privatised nuclear power – but there is no commercial insurance available above 1 billion. So all nuclear power became illegal.
But nuclear power bought off its regulator – corporate crime. And invested money in its Global Warming myth. Myth, Basque plants on the land and seas metabolise CO2 down to a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.
Static trace gases affect nothing. So nuclear power has been running under insured fro 30 years – after Fukishima the insurance rose to 100 billion.
So no new nuclear plant will ever get an operating license. All the Magnox stations in Scotland only had planning utile 1990 – and it is not acceptable to allow the plants engineers to extend the life of a plant.
Everything is designed to wear out as the plant reaches it operating licensed. And only engineers not connected with nuclear could extend the life – but they do not have the skill set. So shut down the plants.
But nuclear realised they would lose any new royal commission, so they operated plants outside of planning.
10 years in jail for ever year of illegal operation, and a fine of ten million is applicable.
So by privatised nuclear, Tony Blair made every nuclear plant illegal. And suddenly he got 60 million UK pounds – the most major bung in British history.
All nuclear plant are outside planning – except Sizewell B, that has insufficient insurance – as do all nuclear plants.

This is the biggest illegality in UK history.

No heart disease

 Heart disease is the result of a bacterial rump, on the coronary arteries, heart body or kidneys. Luckily the Mo9ffitt cancer centre demonstrated the clearance of such inflated structures using High Intensity UltraSound in 2002 – it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 H2O_US->He+O=E2+X-ray
So the hardened structure shows up under ultrasound scans, and fragments in response to 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound applied externally for ½ a minute each area.
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Every doctors read and validated the paper in 2012. I was shocked today to learn the Bristol Children's Hospital were still using defective bio-chemistry and surgery.
HIUS also clears all cancers – so no doubt Bristol are criminally using defective medicine for all cancer patients and killing them.
½ a minute of external HIUS cures all cancers at 1 appointment. There is no excuse for using medicine which was defective 14 years ago. Any medics using bio-chemistry, chemo or radio therapy or surgery for cancer instantly ceases to be a Dr – dating back 14 years.
Offending must repay the last 14 years wages, and await criminal trial – banned from the health service for life. Incurring a multi-life jail sentence. And a legal fine measured in billions.
No heart doctor can use bio-chemistry. They have to use HIUS – they have the 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound machine in the nursing office of all health centres on Earth.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Killing children by using medicine proved to be defective is the worst thing I have ever heard of! You can buy the above ultrasound device, and clear all heart disease at home.  

Clear child heart problems

Heart disease is caused by an inflated bacterial structure on the coronary azrteries or around the kidneys.
Medica published the use of High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear coronary heart disease, by 1 application of HIUS t othe top left of the chest and kidneys 2012.
Every GP on Earth has read and verified the paper. Rendering bio-chemical treatmetns or srugery defective medicine! Their use is criminal – resulting in the striknig off of the medic – who then faces criminal action.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

Paperback, 98 Pages 
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Price: £7.41 (excl. VAT)
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In my church health group, I found an 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device effective HIUS – via ½ a minute's external application to each area.

Dr.s try to repist this best medicine – as it is fantastically cheap and effective. Every Dr on Earth has to use HIUS – or be struck off.
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10 Drowning St 2007

All conversations here are just what I think went on. In the chat between Tim and Class. In the room occupied by the UK PM
Tim Well this is it! We are gong to sell of British Nuclear Power. It's great.
Class Horrible industry – but who will want it?
Tim They showed me the balance sheet – British SpitFiers are interested.
Class So you are selling it off to the British?
Tim It's not like the Chinese would be interested. I mean – not safe. A line of static nuclear bombs in England – you would have to be mad. Almost as bad as selling it to the French.
Class I wrote an essay on this at college – since Chernobyl every nuclear plant has needed insurance of 40 billion.
Tim Don't be silly – nobody could ever sell cover. No the nuclear boys assure me that 50 million is enough.
Class So nuclear is advising you on the law? I thought that was my job – human rights lawyer and all that!
Tim Oh that's why you go off in the lawyer wig and stuff – I thought you were an escort girl: by the way, it would pay more money.
Class I have been a bit concerned at the rate you are getting through your pocket money – being PM does not pay.
Tim Worries over – take a look at this (Hands over the invoice from nuclear power)
Class Nuclear will pay you that?
Tim Just for letting me sell them. And green lighting any planing application. No insurance questions asked – see they were concerned about it to.
Class £60 million. And the use of the villa in the Bahamas. Just in-case. In-case of what daring?
Tim I seemed rude to ask.
Class Well that is settled then. No more insurance questions and 60 million.
Tim And nobody would dare challenge me – I am PM. And that Dice-but-Dim person can sort out all the mess, as we fly off to the sun.

How much to buy off a nuclear regulator?

 In the UK, every operating nuclear plant needs insurance of £100 billion UK pounds. I was cheaper to bung the power station regulator, and put your money into promoting Global Warming - made up, impossible science.
And as the natural climate cooled call it Climate Change – as CO2 causing global cooling was a step too far.
Plants have converted extra CO2 into bio-mass – leaving a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the global air – as taught in high school biology.
One of the 3 Jurassic ice-ages lasted with 8ppm CO2 in the air – the usual level for Jurassic ice-ages.
In the 18th century man produced very little CO2, and we have the little ice-age, with CO2 at 4ppm.
In the Medieval age there was 2ppm CO2 in the global air, and we had the Medieval arm period.
So the natural climate has been cooling for 21 years. 2009/10 was the coldest winter in the Northern hemisphere for 200 years. Never been explained by the climate lot. Global Warming/Climate Change can't take a break!
Every day al over the world is always warmer than the last – only it isn't! So Climate Change people do not take about winter 2009.
Bunging you regulator is criminal. Both the managers of the nuclear plants and regulators end up in jail for 25 years for each illegal year of operation. A nice round 30 this year.
The required insurance 100 billion – go ask Japan or Russia. Nuclear carries just 50 million per PWR – 0.5% of the legally required insurance.
In the US, all 200 nuclear plants carry $100 million – and required $150 billion per plant. How much have they bunged the regulator.
Have you forgotten 3 Mile Island. Washington will not allow nuclear near them – but it is OK for the rest of the country: depending on the bung level.
Nuclear bunged Hillary and Donald. Hillary is more vocal talking about fictitious science which will kill you.
So after the presidential election, as all the nuclear plants have reached the end of their lives, nuclear will own the president – so will get new plants.

This is the largest corporate criminality in history. Ask Hillary how much her bung was! I am thinking about $40 million.

Nuclear Hillary

Here in the UK Tony Blair launched the Iraq war, on intelligence he knew was bad. He had access to the best intelligence, but we with the bad report, that allowed him to go to war and destabilise the Middle East.

He gave British soldiers insufficient protection in light transports – and 179 of them died through improvised explosive devices.
179 British soldiers died. The going rate is 10 million for each avoidable homicide. 1790 million. The cost levied on his Labour party.
He also privatised British Nuclear. Instantly ensuring all 26 British nuclear stations had sufficient legal insurance. The power station regulator had the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders of the day of privatisation.
So nuclear power bought off its regulator, and got its academic stooges to think up Global Warming. This is biologically stupid. Plants on the land and seas metabolise CO2 down to 2 parts per million.
So active life on Earth has increased by 15% since 1880, but free CO2 is limited to 2ppm. Except over the Arctics, where it is 4ppm.
In the desert regions, life in the seas caps free CO2 at 2ppm. A level which only rises in natural ice-ages.
The world warmed naturally until 1995. So for the next decade nuclear stooges were still working on Global Warming, until a naturally naturally bad hurricane year let nuclear promote Climate Change. As if it was Global Warming.
The natural climate change we are seeing is cooling and calmer weather, with more rain. The exact opposite of Global Warming.
With a pre-industrial 2ppm CO2 in the air.
Tony Blair retires – and no has 60 million in the bank. Which he did not have as PM. Margaret Thatcher died with only 10 million in the bank.
A far more important PM, who did the after dinner talk rounds. So Tony Blair allowed an illegal privatisation of the more toxic industry that will ever exist, and 9 years later, has a 60 million fortune in the bank.
The most corrupt PM in UK history – and a war criminal? The lawyers will decide. Just my opinion, and I am just a PhD chemical engineering student – specialising in radioactivity.
Nuclear are still at it – binging politicians. Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were talking about the meaningless, biologically impossible Climate Change. So we ever sat in the white house, was owned by nuclear power.
Hillary is very vocal about Climate Change – though not actually saying what it meant. Just is was caused by burning Fossil Fuels. That has increased life on Earth, not affecting the CO2 level in the global air.
As mentioned above, higher CO2 levels only happen in regions or times of reduced photosynthesis. Like the Poles, or a natural ice-age.
Suddenly Hillary has got 40 million UK pounds in the bank – despite running campaign offices with 180 people in.
Welcome to nuclear money. Hillary owned by nuclear power. Elect her if you wish, but suddenly you will get a chain of new nuclear stations. Which will suffer a catastrophic melt down every 5 years.
In the US, every operating nuclear plant requires insurance cover of 100 billion, or the lawyers will shut them down: and they haven't – due to the exchange of a lot of green backs.

America – land of the free and corrupt: remember 3 Mile Island. And Washington does not allow nuclear plants here the white house. Sleep well – sorry you have been for the last 30 years.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Tony Blair – the criminal

He took us to war in Iraq, on the basis of a bad intelligence report. He has access to the bet independent reports – but ignored them in favour of a biased military report. Which has led to the break down of law and order in the middle East.
This document is why own informed opinion – I am open to argument. But I am informed.  His actions have led to the deaths of 179 British soldiers. See
Who were mostly killed by bombs penetrating military cars with too little armour. Then he gets to be a peace envoy to the middle East – where 15,000 people have died directly through his actions (I am guessing at the number here)
Margaret Thatcher did not privatise British Nuclear – that was a privatisation too far: as when nuclear was privatised, it ceased to be legal.
Each nuclear plat requires insurance of 100 billion – after Fukishima in 2010. Even after Chernobyl, it required 40 times the level of insurance available.
The power station regulator has the legal power to withhold an operating license to any new plant with insufficient insurance.
And issue immediate stop orders on any operating nuclear plant, that ceases to have valid insurance. So should have issue stop orders 2012.
The regulator did not, because like Tony Blair government, appears to have been bought off. The regulator is under legal control – and should have issued immediate stop orders.
Why didn't it? I looks a lot like the biggest corporate crime in history. Every plant manager and the management of EDF end up with 25 years in jail, for all 200 plant. 5,000 years in jail.
A fine of 2 billion. For every year of illegal operation. So 20 millennia in jail each.
Tony Blair was the head poncho, So what will his fine be? 4 billion seems a reasonable figure.
So Tony Blair is the greatest war criminal since the Kumar Rouge. And the killing field of South Vietnam.
And every operating nuclear plant gets issue with immediate stop orders tomorrow. 1 day before the commemoration of the battle of the Somme.

His wife will have told him he was contravening the Human Rights of every person alive in Britain. 'Don't worry dear' he replied 'nuclear power will ensure they are not alive much longer'.

CO2 static

Photosynthesis proceeds on the land and seas, until CO2 falls below 2 parts per million. Since 1880, mankind's CO2 emissions have increased the growing day by 10 seconds per day on average.
So the afternoon has the same 2ppm in – all CO2 is converted into bio-mass within 5 minutes. Man has increased life on Earth by 15%.
The sun goes down, and plants start doing carbohydrate metabolism
1 Photosynthesis mCO2+(r+n)O2->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He2++O32++4e-+Er3+X-ray)
2 Carb metob Cm(H2O)n+pO2->mCO2+(n-t)H2O+t(He+O3+Et3)
So oxidising the carbon radical takes in heat. It is only the Molecular Nuclear Fusion which puts out so much heat. A flame of Fossil Fuels puts out X-rays and he – there is a chemical source of neither.
Rain uses the turbulence of the storm, to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. We need the turbulence to exceed 1 W. A waterfall over 1m high does this.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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3 H2O+TU->He2++O2-+X-ray+E3
So no C – and it goes off from regular water.
A 1m steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres puts out 1.2MW of heat – a turbine will turn into 200kW of heat. If we loop heat of the spent steam around with a Carnot heat pump, we produce liquid water, and 1mW of power.
From regular water – no CO2. The Climate Change people should be overjoyed – infinite power with no toxic uranium fission, and no Fossil Fuels burn.
They are not! They are paid stooge to nuclear power, and afte4r Chernobyl, they were paid to get new nuclear power plant – running off enriched uranium.
Such a plant produces toxic plutonium – and sprays the toxic material around the continent every 25 years: think Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl land Fukishima. The least green industry ever.
At least burning the Fossil Fuels increases plant growth. Nuclear power is fatal to all life on Earth – included you. They paid academics to invent reasons to allow a new plants.
But the professors of physics forgot about photosynthesis – the major life support system on Earth.
In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved. It left 4 parts per million CO2 in the air. And 10% more oxygen.

There were fewer Fossil Fuels, but 65% more active life. Sea levels were 60 meters lower. The Jurassic had 3 natural ice-ages, where CO2 spiked at 8 ppm.
One of the ice-ages lasted 650 million years. With 4 times more CO2 in the air than biologically possible today.
So every person talking about Global Warming or Climate Change, is displaying a total ignorance of high school biology. The afternoon air around the world contains 2ppm CO2 – and has since levels halved as the little ice-0age ended,
Then CO2 reached 4ppm. In recent history.
So we use a steam plasma tube. 200KW of carbon 0 power, from a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres – using 10-17cc or regular water a year.
No Fossil Fuels and no CO2. Also no uranium fission.
Today each plant has required 40 billion of insurance for the last 30 years. The industry with the lightest level of legal oversight has been running with inadequate insurance for 30 years. Since Fukishima each PWR nuclear reactor needs 100 billion of insurance.
No commercial insurance above 1 billion is available. Fukishima as bankrupted the 2nd biggest GDP country in the world – Japan.
Germany has banned nuclear power. France can't afford one EDF nuclear plant to melt down – and statistically that should be in the next 2-5 years.
The UK could not afford it – and it would make the UK uninhabitable for 100,000 years.
Buying off your regulator is criminal – the plant managers and regulator both get 25 years in jail, and a 10 million fine.
EDF owes the British tax payer 2 trillion pounds – without a nuclear incident – due some time soon, near you!
A garage hobbyist can use the electrics from a fluorescent light, with a steam turbine from the internet. Getting an annual income of 3.6 million – the plant paying back in 2 weeks.
Carbon free near infinite power. With no uranium or Fossil Fuels.
All power plants with insufficient insurance are subject to an immediate stop order – dated back to 1986, when all nuclear power ceased to be legal.
Certainly as Tony Blair privatised the industry – which became instantly uninsurable. Well done Tony.Has he broken the law? Almost certainly, and owes the British people 200 million a year since sanitisation, and 8,000 years in jail: But there again, I am not a lawyer. It is up to a court to decide.
If I was him, I would buy a one-way plane ticket. The Labour party will certainly implode.
And all the academics who have taken funding to research Global Warming or Climate Change since 1986 are in the pay of nuclear power.
An illegal, under insured outfit, who have sought to compromise their legal controls. They are an illegal business, and every academic who has worked for them for the last 30 years must be expelled from educatio0n – returning the last 30 years salary