Friday, 20 May 2016

Wheat is best for the Earth

Since the climate people realised photosynthesis TOOK in CO2, to build carbohydrates, they have said 'trees are the best lungs of the planet'. As ever they are wrong.
The best lungs of the planet are the seas, where unconstrained nature takes in CO2, down to only 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level. The land is less important.
Algae in the seas metabolise enough CO2, the land does not even matter.
Trees are not even that important. Grasses and cereals are better at converting CO2 into plant bulk. Soya beans are better than rain forest. The forests are deficient photosynthesis engines.
Cereals produce more bulk from the CO2 – of course they are better for the planet.
So a static trace of CO2 in the air – all the people who went on about Global Warming until 1995, when the natural climate started cooling, should get out of education, and take high school biology.

Nature has replace forest with grass lands – and nature knows what it is about.

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