Saturday, 14 May 2016

What you need is a good Dr

The hippocratic oath emands every doctor is aware of and uses best medicine. So every good Dr has read the paer of HIUS clearing cancer and the rest. Even bad Dr.s have to heave read the paper by rthe Moffitt, or they cease to be doctors.
I was contacted today by an American law firm who specialise in medical malconduct – they were so interested.
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So ever Dr who does not use HIUS to clear cancer at 1 appointemtn ceases toi be a Dr: which explains why no Dr has ever contested that HIUS clears cancer – they have all verified it.
They are then probihibted from worknig on radio and chemo theraoy, biochemical treatmetns or surgery: problem – they are the big money earner for midical schools. So al ltheir doctors were prohibited from doing defective rsearch from 2002 – 14 years ago.
To do defective research is to cease to be a Dr: return the wages you should never have been paid, shred your spurious papers and get out of medicine for lfie.
So no new chemo therapy! That is bad medicine. All Dr.s must use HIUS, going back 14 years, or face criminal charges and civil prosecution: $10 millino for ever patient killed. 400 million globally.
No teaching defective medicine – or the hippocratic oath of new doctors is invaldi – going back 14 years. So junior Dr.s are not Dr.s.

I have found 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound to be effective hIUS – applied externally. Totally safe to body cells. Totally lethal to cancers.

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