Sunday, 1 May 2016

Water for Saudi

In other countries we have a 50x1cm steam plasma tube, which at 4 atmospheres will generate 1.2 MW of heat. A steam cycle can turn into 120 kW or electricity.
We have a polyurethane pipe, connected to a 1m conical structure sat in the seas – or a large river.
We turn on a 20 kW vacuum pump, and suck the air out of the cylinder. The water rises up, at at 84 cm, boils: losing all salts and contaminants.
5 minute later, the pipe starts emitting water mist. Which condenses and fills the reservoir. In the high desert, we have dug a large artificial lake. Which now fills with water, and starts draining through an artificial river web we have dug. It then sinks into the sand.
We have exposed the Jurassic soil – with regular field dividers to stop the soil being blown away.
Every spring, we distribute animal urine we have collected, from fens. Crops grow, and every autumn we use machine to harvest the grass.
That we then feed to penned animals. We produce so much food Saudi is a massive source oif global food: in the days of the Roman empire it fed more – it was a grain basset.

We turn back the clock, and now make the whole of Saudi Arabia a lush fertile area. Food and not oil is now the cash crop.

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