Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ultimate free heat

Steam being circulated around a metal helix. WE take off the ehat via Carnot system, so the stea mcycles between 250oC and 180oC,
As the steam passes alnog the helix, we form neutrons.
1 H++e-->n0
So for turbulence above 1 W, the electrons from one steam molecule interact with another,
The neutrons cause the heavy ions to fission into 4 Hs – 4 Hs end up as neutrons.
So the OH- ions emerge heated. And they pass their gas to a Carnto gas. They gop around again, and the O ends us as 2 B, 4 He – and ony l4 Hs – as we are copnverting Hs into neutrons. That make the nuclear fissions exothermic.
Basically we have a sysrtem which is self heating – for onlly a little pumping. We drive a steam cycle, and produce energy.
We use so little of the power to circulate the steam. We use another Carnot system to cool the exit steam, and return the ehat to the super heat chamber.
So we do
3 H2O+TU ->E2+L=X-ray
No solid radioactive waste. WE use very little water, to produce massive heat.
Twice as much as Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which produyces 8 times the heat of U fission. Nuclear power with no CO2 or radioactive waste.

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