Thursday, 19 May 2016

Too much power

Every person that fires up a 50x1cm steam plasma tube is going to generate 200 kW. Now you are going to get 8 million UK residents firing up a tube – to avoid high electricity prices.
For the cost of a turbine and a pipe, you are going to generate free power for ever – and an income of 3.6 million.
They are going to generate 80 GW of power – but the UK demand is only 44 GW. So we will have massive over supply of power. Most we can sell to Europe across the channel cable.
The same is going to happen in the US – so electricity prices will fall to below the 2c per kW hour nuclear power charges. So all 100 nuclear plants are going to be moth balled.
As are the 20 nuclear plants in the UK. Nuclear power always said nuclear fusion would kill them off! My thanks to Dr Z for telling me how – in 2001! Which explains why he wanted me away from my PhD.
The simplest way is to do the electrolysis of water. We call sell the O gas – which has high value as LOX.
The Hydrogen we introduce in a plasma.
1 H++e- ->n0
2 1H++r n0->(1+r)H+->Er3+L+X-ray nuclear fusion! Vis the turbulence of the plasma

Using the electronics from a fluorescent light – which will repay the cost of the turbine in 3 weeks. No CO2.

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