Thursday, 26 May 2016

Space is lethal

Outside the Earth's magnetic field, the radiation level of outer-space is lethal with 2 days. Which is why Sc-Fi always has toroid space stations.
You have super-conducting magnetic fields, to deflect the radiation. But you do not have the mile's ozone layer – that permits multicellular life on Earth.
Mars does not have a magnetic field or ozone layer, so life there would be impossible. This is immaterial.
You could not travel safely to Mars. The space men and women would be fried by the radiation. They would be reduced to black stains of the floor and walls before they got ¼ of the way to the Moon.
This is why the Russians never went to the Moon, and why the American's never could have. The Russian's thought the American's have developed a way to travel through space.
No. They had area 51, and Hollywood. They dosed by the astronauts – who though they were floating.
Only 2 minutes of weightlessness was possible in the vomit comet. Look for NASA footage of astronaughts floating independently for longer than 2 minutes.
The astronaughts on the ISS report massive visual;l problems – and they are within the protective Van Allen belt.
A 1 way trip to Mars! Are you out of your mind. We can't even get people safely to the Moon. Let's see NASA set up a manned colony on the Moon.

After all, the Apollo craft supposedly showed Moon travel was a cinch. In 1969. With no radiation shield. Oh please – NASA is meant to be an educator, and it knows a Moon mission is impossible even today – 2016.

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