Thursday, 26 May 2016

Nuclear fusion is go

This morning I Googled 'nuclear fusion' and the usual Wikipedia entries came up. I tabbed down, and my book on nuclear fusion came us. Followed by my e-book. It describes how nature does nuclear fusion.
If we have a tube filled with steam, even a moderate magnetic or electric field will do Molecular Nuclear Fusion: what? Get the book.
Visible light can vinyl be given off nuclear nuclear fusion (and fission), so the Earth does nuclear fusion at the magnetic dipoles.
This is easy to set up in the lab.. As I told Sheffield University in 2001: by now they should have 20 PhDs ready to go to print.
Life changing science. 1 of the most important ideas I have ever had (See 'jonthm' for the others). Life saving stuff. I tell you how to cure cancer, MS etc., and produce l;limitless almost free fresh water.

Presumably Sheffield has also done work on these ideas.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

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