Tuesday, 3 May 2016

No oil or gas burn

Every company of medium size and above has a stand by generator – already built and paid for. Fired by gas. Burning gas or oil does a little Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 CH4+pO2 ->(CO2+rH2O-E)+s(He+O+E2+X-ray)
This is why a flame of Fossil Fuels gives out X-rays and produces He gas – it does nuclear fusion. The way to double this, is to Ti plate the boiler plate.
This reduces the electricity cost from 12p per kWhr, to only 6p. This is actually less than the power companies charge them.
We could use a 1m x 1 cm steam plasma tube, which generates 1.6 MW of heat. A turbine will turn into 160 kW of power. With no CO2, and no toxic radiative waste. Get ready fro some equations – I am a chemical engineering PhD student.
2 H2O+TU -> 2H++O2++4e-
We are left with hydrogen and oxygen ions, with free electrons. The oxygen ends up as the nucleus and shell electrons.
3 H++e- ->x n0 the H ions and electrons end up as neutrons. H+=p.x n0 the hydrogen nucleus is a proton bonded to 1 or more neutrons.
4 O2++4 n0 ->8H+ the neutrons cause the oxygen to fission into hydrogens.
5 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray the Hs are enriched by the neutrons, and fission into massive heat, light and X-rays.
Lightening generates 5.8 MW of power over 3 seconds. demonstrating a 2cm thick by 1.5 km partial steam plasma (a lightening bolt). This gives us my 1.6 MW number above. Then the pressure drops below 4 atmosphere, and the plasma collapses.
So a pulse of electricity at 2,000 V will start the plasma, and if we maintain the steam pressure at 4 atmospheres, by adding more water the plasma will self sustain.
So the company produces 240 kW, but only requires 20 kW, during the working day. So it sells the excess power to the national grid. Who pay 30p per kW year. And we are selling an average of 200 kW.
So we get 6 billion pounds a year. 400 of these plants will replace a Fossil Fuels burning power plant – or a hyper toxic uranium fission plant.
And we produce no solid waste: no life enhancing CO2, or hyper toxic plutonium. Plants convert extra CO2 into new biomass within 5 minutes. All the Fossil Fuels were active life in pre-history – hence the name.
Burn the Fossil Fuels, get that life back.

So why would any company do anything else? They are making massive money by produce ¼ of a MW of power. Carbon zero power. Using plant already built and paid for. I used to work as a maintenance engineer for INCO, during my M.Eng.

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