Friday, 13 May 2016

Man-made climate change is impossible

muclear fiction.

After Chernobyl, nuclear power publisised the uidea of Global Warming: total biologicla non sense.
Plants on the land and sea cover CO2 BACK into active life – and 98% of the surface of the Earth is nature and photosyntheis doing its thing. O2 is the waste gas plants excrete – CO2 in plant food.
Then in 1995, the globla climae ctarter coling. 21 years ago. 2005 was a naturally bad hurricabne year, so buclear power stasarted pushing the ice of man-made Climate Change.
They paid people to mention Climate Change, as if it was Global Warming – just in a cooling world.
Plants have ensured there is a pre-iundustrial 2 part per million CO2 in the afternoon air around the world.
Higher levels during rush hour just increase plant growth. No effect on the weather – that is made in the strasphere – where CO2 never reaches.
A steam plasma turns regular water int oenergy.
1 h2O=TU->He+O+E2+X-ray the O ends up as 4 He ions. The Energy and light.
So free power with no CO2: nuclear power has gone away to talk about it.
The deep sea does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and the He gas is lost to space the same day – after reacting with nothing.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube will prodcue a constant 1.2 MW at 4 Atmospheres. Off a volume of water too small tomeasure.
So Climate Change was never real – and has been cured anyway – hence the slump in oil prices. So conventioinal power is now 4 times cheaper than nuclear power.
Every nuclear fission plant needs insurance cover of 100 billion to operate legally. It is not available – so they do not bother.

So u fission is a crminal operation.

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