Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Fresh water for London

During the summer we site solar powered vacuupumps alongthe Thalmes. Duringthe day-light hours these raised the river water up by 1 meter – and it boils.
We then have a chain of solar pumps to transfer this water to hgih reservoirs.
Al ternatively, we could pressurise this vapour, and add the liquid water to the mains water supply.

We cease to be dependant on natural rain fall. Free, unlimited water – for less than the price of reservoir water. I used to live in the East End – Leyton.
 There are droughts going on in Egypt and India. These countries have a lot of sun. W ecan site vacuum desalination plants along the coat, and transpor the water vapour inshore.
No longer are we dependant on rain falling in other countires, we can use environmental waste energy, to suckfresh water out of the seas.
No high energy, dangerous high pressure system – that requires filter pads. After all nature makes fresh water, by the evaporation of water from he seas.
By creating a vacuum, we get 100% water desalination – removing salts and contaminants.

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