Saturday, 21 May 2016

Free water

Villages and towns tend to be built on rivers. But drown water is not safe to drink. And high pressure filtration is both dear and expensive.
Nature purifies even sea water, by evaporation – using huge areas. Water boils int owater va[pour – even as ice. But we need a huge area. All natural rain is made this way.
The answer is in high school physics. 1 meter of vacuum head will cause ice to become pure ater vapour. 98Cm of vacuum makes sea ater boil. And low pressure is safe! If there si a leak, there is a hiss – and a bicycle repair kit will fix it – nobody looses arms or legs – or dies.
There is no filtrating pads. The water evaporates int opure water vapour. Leaving all saltys and contaminates behind.
You don't need to add chlorine – as nothing can live in desalinated water – which is what we get as the vapour condenses at 1 atmosphere.
And a vacuum is ver cheap to produce. Fro home use we have a mains powered pump, that will produce pue wate rfro 1/20th the cost of mains water.
Anybody with access to sea, river or lake water has accesss to an infinate supply. No bill to the water company – we might even sell the water to them – as it is massively cheaper than reservoir water.
We will need t oadd salt to our food – but processes food already gives us too much heat.
A group of houses can investe in solar pannels, and have a small reservoir – pumping water vpour takes 1/1000th of the power of pumping water.
So no mains – and pure water. No problems with heavy water leaving behind deposits. And very, very cheap.
Farmers will find this idea a massive saver. As they will have access to river water the have have access to nearly free fresh water.
Homes on the coast have access to salt water – and with vacuum desalination, limitless almost free fresh water.

The water companies will find that vacuum desalinated water is massively cheaper than running a reservoir – which can now be sold off for house building.

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