Saturday, 7 May 2016

Free home power

We copy lightening. A 25x1cn steam plasma will produce 300 kW of heat – from regular water.
The plasma needs a pulse of power at 2,000 V, 0.01amps – so we use the electrics from an old fluorescent light. Once started, the plasma uses 0.0008cc of regular water – from a spring loaded reservoir.
Talk to about a suitable home turbine. We generate 22 kW of power we can sell to the grid. Earning 66,000 UK pounds a year – power is so overpriced.
I would really like my company, Ordsall Arts Group, to get finance and work with Salford University to produce working machines. To make the blue prints open source, and work with a local light engineering firm to make them.

They will pay back the cost of the equipment in 4 months. After that, free power which earns you money. Utilising regular water.
1 H2O+TU ->E2+L+X-ray TU=plasma turbulence.
The X-rays are as produced by all boiling kettles today – so really low power and safe.

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