Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Endless Helium.

There is a river of geothermal water that circulates anticlockwise around the Earth – really the Earth rotates, at it tries to stay stationary.
This water is heated on the Earth's mantel, and the river of seam and high pressure water circulates in a turbulent way.
It powers all Earthquakes and volcanoes around the Earth, as a release in pressure as the water vents, makes it boil! Like the cork being pulled out of a Champaign bottle – and drives all Earth events.
As it circulates it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->He+O+E2+X-ray
This is why deep Earth oil has He and O in! We discard the O, and collect the He – which has high commercial value. For welding and making you talk with a squeaky voice.
The heat is pass to the deep ocean – so the Earth's core is heated by nuclear fusion! The Earth's mantel is illuminated by light flashes. And we get the production of He and X-rays from the deep.
This tops up the radioactive isotopes in the deep – otherwise they would have run out in the first 50 million years of Earth's existence.

This is important to know – the Earth's deep does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Naturally and safely. As does your own beating heart.
So the Earth continuously produces He in the deep. It will not rub out, before the sun swallows the Earth in billions of years.
Hence my idea today. We get H gas, via the electrolysis of water: as atomic nuclear fusion is 100 times as energetic as Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
We circulate this around 4 turns of a Ti plated metal helix. And it does atomic nuclear fusion..
2 H+TU ->He+E2+X-ray
We do get some neutron formation
3 H++e- ->n0 this burns He and H back to 2xH and pure energy respectively.
All dictated by the fluid pressure. So the H gas heats up, and emerges as hot He and H. We run a steam cycle, that produces all the power to run the system. And leaves us with 99.8% free power to sell.
We cool the exit wet steam on a large body of water – preferably the sea. We return the H and He to a large reservoir. And the He settle at the base. We have a float valve, and extract the He gas.

A limitless supply of this gas. Which will obviously never run out.Helium has a higher value weight for weight, than gold.

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