Thursday, 12 May 2016

Dog's love

Dog's love

Is unconditional. With never a question
Who ever feeds us will get out licks for life.
Like Grayfries Bobby do walkie session
and wait for our owner obedience no strife

And hopes springs eternal and for ever
ready to retrieve that flug stick or ball.
Ours is not to wonder why or weather
To give our unquestioning faithful all

You will have a friend for ever with fur
At you side with gold ingot, play-toy
Funeral arrangements, mourners or myrrh
You constant supporter and all joy

A dog does not question – not our place
Straightforward, attentive barking
And always saving our owners space.
Your friend for fun and walking

A friend or life, never weaver
Our dinner always cooked and served
A doggie biscuit we will savour.

Our owner would never dear erred.

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