Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Cooling the air

The maximum density of water is 3oC. So as ice melts it shrinks. Warmer air evaporates more, so warming the seas would decrease global sea levels, and increase global rain. A better world – ain't going to happen – the global climate has been cooling for 21 years – ony lanother 7 unti lit warms again naturally.
But there are still areas of the world too hot. So we really want a self powering air conditioner, to cool the hot air, and warm the cold air. Lets us consider just coolig the hot air.
The air is rawn into a double helix – ir travels down one helix passing a wind turbine. It travels down the outside 20cm of the helix – effective diabeter .4m.
This drives a turbine, that generates a massive excess of power. Some we store for at night, the rest we sell. Carbon 0 electrciity.
As it travels down the helix, it is in touch with a cold surface – we pass a cold Carnot gas up the other helix.
So it emerges at the base a 2oC – and we collect the huge volumes of water that condenses. In Saudi arabia, fresh water is more expensive than oil.
So we now have a hue volume of Carnot gas – which we conpress. With a pump effective dimeter of 15 cm. So this is how we use some of the generated current.
We now pump this hot gas into the sea, or a large lake. It is like a natural volvanic vent. The water boils, and we produce a rising column of steam.
This hits the stratosphere, cools, and forms cloud. This blankets the hto lands – which are now cooler with more natural rain.
And this science was published in the 18th century, and is the basis for every air condenser on the planet.
So the seas carry some of this heat towards the Poles, where the cold lands WANT that heat. AS I mentioned above, we can invert the cycle.
Now we such in cold air, heat it up, and it leaves over a turbine in the enclosed cylinder. So once started the plant drives itself, this time heating the cold air – sucking in the extra heat the air coolers have put in the seas.

So we we cooler hot lands – which generates excess power. We also get warmer cold lands. And more global rain – so lower seas.

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