Monday, 23 May 2016

Best tea

The US market is the 4th biggest in the world – and it is worth $10.8 billion . So globally we are talking about a market worth over $100 billion.
We can borrow from the coffee people – the best instant coffee is made using freeze dried technology. The subtle aromas and flavours are kept by removing the water using a vacuum.
We brew 20 L batches of tea (Various sorts) and transfer the liquor to a vacuum chamber. It is 40 L, and at 30 L, we have a stainless steel mesh. We apply vacuum, and the liquor boils. The bubbles rise and meat the mesh, and pop.
All this boiling takes heat from the liquor, and so it cools down! The last water is removed at 10oC. We should extract pure water – great for the next brew.
The dried tea leaves, we sell off to be processed into fertilizer. We actually grow the teas in the UK. Under a geodesic dome.
We have a network of steam plasma tubes, with UV phosphors. So the tubes will sit there, making the plants grow. Each tube liberates 1.2 MW from a 50x1cm steam plasma tube. As heat and UV light.
So no need to grow the drops in India or Africa.
We end up with freeze dried instant coffee – we have filtered out the tea leaves before the vacuum chamber.

So just like coffee, we will have a jar filled with instant tea granules – that actually taste BETTER than tea bag tea. Less mesh – more convenience. And no tea bags required.

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