Monday, 30 May 2016

Irrigate the Atacama

Water at reduced pressure boils at reduced pressure – on Everest water boils at on 70oC, too cold to make tea.
By definition, even ice becomes water vapour. Almost instantly. If we have a solar pump, raising water up just 1m causes even sea water to boil – losing all salts etc..
So then we have a chain of solar pumps, to transfer the water vapour in shore – to below the hills in the middle of South America.
We vent the vapour, and it condenses into pure water. We dredge the sea bottom – and use a river outflow to wash most of the salt out.

As we play the water onto this soil, seeds swill germinate – and the desert will bloom.

No Dr.s and nurses

The Hippocratic oath demands medics read, validate and apply best medicine. This applies to all Dr.s, high up nurses and all medical researchers.
Drug companies sign up to the Hippocratic oath independently – so are not allowed top manufacture, promote and sell defective medicine.
The 2002 saw the Moffitt cancer centre publish the use of High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancers at 1 appointment. The caner cells does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and fragments – leaving body cells unaffected – except those cells damaged by the exploding cancer cells.
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray for all cancers – that share a pressurised nature in order to grow,
So in response to 5 W 40 kHz ultrasound, all cancers give off X-rays. This is why ultrasound scans are the best medicine for detecting cancers – exploratory surgery risks death – and is now globally prohibited medicine.
All surgeons are prohibited from doing such surgery – or instantly cease to be Dr.s.
So in 2002 every Dr on Earth tries HIUS on every cancer – and it worked on them all. So bio-chemical treatments, chemo and radio therapy plus surgery all became defective medicine.
So no registered Dr was allowed to use any of he old, now defective ideas. High up nurses should have told nursing bodies like the RCN, to cease to help with old medicine – which was fatal and defective.
And no nurse is allowed to dispense fatal medicine. So no Dr could write out prescriptions at EXIT, and no nurse could work there.
No pharmacist is allowed to fill the prescriptions for struck off Dr.s, or they are removed from their professional register – and are prohibited from working as chemists for ever.
All the nurses who helped Dr.s kill their patients with bio-chemistry and other defective medicine are no longer registered nurses.
Now the medical registers are meant to be self-regulating – so Dr.s and nurses are meant to strike them selves off.
At the Christie in Manchester, all the medical professors have basically stopped going to work. Ethically they had to leave instructions to use the 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device in the nursing office.
It will clear all cancers in under 3.5 minutes. As will my 8 W 1 MHz device.
Product Details
1 minute to the primary, known secondaries, plus ½ a minute to each arm pit and side of the head. Just once! No repeat prescription has been needed for 14 years.
During that time biochemistry etc. has killed ½ a billion patients: HIUS to the top right of the chest clears all diabetes – though type 1 only remits after 3 days.
2012 medics published the use of HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys to clear heart disease. Bio-chemical treatments became unethical.
Just 1 prescription, and the medic ceased to be a registered Dr. All medicine was them medical malpractice. Every death incurring a 10 million fin, and 25 years in jail – for 10,000 patients.
These are the most serious killers in history. And for 14 years not registered to practice law.
Every nurse now removed from the nursing register – and has to return all inappropriate wages – and face criminal charges.
The big expense of health services are medical professors and consultants. Every one now excluded from medicine for over a decade. Again them must return all wages and face criminal charges for multiple patient murders.
This is the big expense of the NHS – but now we get back 14 years of major expense. Over 1 trillion pounds. But they owe 60 trillion for all the patients they have killed.
This is 3 times the total economic wealth of the planet. The Christie had refocused on Statins, as cancer death rates have fallen from 1/3 of humanity to under 1/10th. We are living in the most magical time ever.
Cancer research research bio-chemical treatments – but no registered Dr. can now do this defective medicine.

And the Charity Commission must strip cancer research of its charitable status, 14 years ago. So no medical professor or consultants can ethically work in medicine for 14 years.

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Ultimate free heat

Steam being circulated around a metal helix. WE take off the ehat via Carnot system, so the stea mcycles between 250oC and 180oC,
As the steam passes alnog the helix, we form neutrons.
1 H++e-->n0
So for turbulence above 1 W, the electrons from one steam molecule interact with another,
The neutrons cause the heavy ions to fission into 4 Hs – 4 Hs end up as neutrons.
So the OH- ions emerge heated. And they pass their gas to a Carnto gas. They gop around again, and the O ends us as 2 B, 4 He – and ony l4 Hs – as we are copnverting Hs into neutrons. That make the nuclear fissions exothermic.
Basically we have a sysrtem which is self heating – for onlly a little pumping. We drive a steam cycle, and produce energy.
We use so little of the power to circulate the steam. We use another Carnot system to cool the exit steam, and return the ehat to the super heat chamber.
So we do
3 H2O+TU ->E2+L=X-ray
No solid radioactive waste. WE use very little water, to produce massive heat.
Twice as much as Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which produyces 8 times the heat of U fission. Nuclear power with no CO2 or radioactive waste.

I will value your reactions after I get back from a shot break.

Destroying science education

The Science and Engineering Research Council allows people to fund specific science: it does not matter if the science is true.
So nuclear power, that HAD deep pockets chose to research the ever increasing level of CO2 in the air warming the weather: after Chernobyl had caused a local nuclear winter.
Problem: as high school biology teaches everybody on Earth, plants gobble up extra CO2, to turn the Fossil Fuels back into active life. The clue is in the name 'Fossil' fuels. The coal. Oil and gas used to be active life.
And today there is a massive excess of organisms doing photosynthesis on the land and seas. Man has no global footprint – excepting his hyper toxic nuclear power plants.
So SERC was taking money to research biological nonsense, to the benefit of the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
So no real scientist could ever have taken the SERC money, and no real scientist obviously worked at SERC.
1995 the natural climate started cooling, with a static trace of CO2 in the global air – 2 parts per million. Now nuclear power started researching natural global cooling – by calling it Climate Change, and blaming it on the static trace of CO2 in the air.
The people at SERC should be sacked – and face criminal charges. As should the 'scientist' who took the research grants.
Education establishments must return the fictitious research grants.
An nuclear power HAS to cease – as it requires 100 billion of insurance per plant to operate – and no insurance above 1 billion is available.

So since Chernobyl, ever nuclear plant on Earth has been operating illegally – and no new plant can ever get an operating license.

Nuclear power criminal

After Chernobyl, every operating PWR nuclear reactor, as built by EDF, needed insurance cover of 40 billion. That has to be commercially sourced.
There is no commercial insurance above 1 billion, so nuclear power poured 10 million a year into academia to think of a get around, and they came up with Global Warming.
But academics are no allowed to take criminal money. So science education must repay all the GHW money – and lose the services of al the professors who have talked biological none sense for money.
Global photosynthesis limits free average CO2 around the Earth to 2 parts per million. As we burn the Fossil Fuels, the CO2 becomes active biomass within 5 minutes – over the temperate lands and sea of the Earth.
Levels are higher over the poles or in a natural ice age. So CO2 is twice the 2 parts per million around the rest of the Earth, and temperatures down to -20oC.
Levels of CO2 also rise in a natural ice-age. My thanks to Sheffield University, who did the mineral analysis, to tell us the CO2 levels in pre-history.
So a static trace gas affects nothing! Man-made Global Warming was thus dangerous science fiction – you don't want to teach scientists. Here the lack of interest in Climate Change.
Rather than give up, nuclear power started pressing politicians to introduce a carbon tax. Problem, you don't tax on ideas. You tax on fact.
So politicians actually got reading of CO2 levels on the country side on sea around a country. They came in at 2ppm: So there could never be a carbon tax – it actually violated anti-trust laws – a tax based on fabricated numbers, on behalf of the most toxic industry that will ever exist.
That is under tight legal sanction – which nuclear power bought of. Lawyers have a name for such behaviour – massive corporate crime.
Operating a plant with insufficient insurance cover 10 million pounds per plant per year. The top managers and regulators get 10 years in jail, per plant per year.
We are talking on a 2.4 billion fine – largest in history. All the top managers in jail for over 2 millennia: now would be a good time to get out, and change your name – as the finance director for EDF has done.
So regulators should have issued immediate stop orders in 1986. After Fukishima the legal insurance cover rose to an impossible 100 billion. Nuclear power gets by with 50 million – so illegal.
To get at free, carbon 0 power we fire up a steam plasma. A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres produces a constant 1.2 MW of heat – we generate 200 kW from. No impossible insurance cover required.
A tap with an electric hammer, the glass tube and plasma stops – as does the Molecular Nuclear Fusion. I told Sheffield University about Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001, and they ended my PhD with no award – their science funders were nuclear power. Go figure.
So all that cash must now be repaid, to SERC and other funders. And all those professors sacked. SERC the major science funder in the UK – they ahould not be funding fiction by nuclear power.
So we produce a clean, free 200 kW – and get an annual income of 3.6 million – from regular water. We use the electrics from a fluorescent light, and once started the plasma self-sustains. It does H fission – twice as energetic as Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->2H++O2- form the plasma.
2 aH++e- ->(1+a)n0 crush H and electrons to form neutrons
3 16O2-+4n0 ->8H++10e-+E collapse Os into Hs – exothermically
4 1H++r n0->Er3+L+X-ray clean free, carbon 0 power
With no solid radioactive waste. No hyper toxic plutonium.
And the science is within the reach of a garage hobbyist. We sit the tube in a water tank, and no radiation emerges. Only 1.2 mW of steam. No heavier than from a conventional power plant today.
5 Cm(H2O)n+TU+pO2 ->mCO2+(n-r)H2O+r(He2++O2-+Er3+L+X-rays)
Which is why we get ozone from a power plant, and X-rays in the boiler room and turbine hall. So a conventional power plant does Molecular Nuclear Fusion today. And has done since the 1950s.
So the boiler ash is radioactive – did you never wonder why? The diesel oil isn't radioactive enough. We get the radiation as it burns. M=12 for diesel, m=16 for petrol.
So 1 person in 300 can run a 200 kW power plant in an out-house, and supply all the power for the national grid: earning a life-times income in 18 months.
Hence the crash in oil and gas prices. And nuclear power is a criminal operation, and all its operating licenses for existing plants will be revoked.
There will be no new plants – as they will never get operating consent. And suddenly nuclear power makes no money.
All the people it has paid off will receive multi life time prison sentences. And the world will go on cooling for another 7 years: it has been cooling for 20.
In the Jurassic, we have a warm period – with free CO2 at 4ppm. And three natural ice-ages – one ;lasting 650 million years. With CO2 at 8ppm.
And today global photosynthesis limits free CO2 to only 2ppm ever afternoon. Except over the Arctic, where CO2 levels are higher. And temperatures massively lower. Nuclear power also funds community groups, to talk about 'Climate Change' when they have no conception of the nuclear inspired fiction they are repeating. Dangerous and well informed people.
It goes without saying, all the 'scientists' at SERC are also facing diusmissal and criminal action.

Waterfall Fusion

Paperback, 64 Pages 
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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

Unethical medicine

Bio-chemistry. Dr.s are only allowed to apply the best medicine – and High Intensity UltraSound totally clears the diseases of age – at 1 appointment.
For cancer this is 1 minute of 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound to the primary, known secondaries, the liver and 30 seconds to each arm pit and side of the head. Just once.
No repeat prescriptions are ethically allowed – or the Dr is struck off. Medically published 2002, since when bio-chemical prescriptions have deliberately killed 1/3 of a billion people around the world.
Each Dr was required to have read or validate the science – or cease to be a Dr. 1 bio-chemical prescription forces the Dr to move themselves from the medical register. It invalidates their medical insurance, and prohibits them from working in health for life.
Each death sentences the Dr to 25 years in jail, and a 10 million fine. For 10,000 paying patients.
HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys totally clears heart disease in 1 minute – same penalty structure as above. The Dr was instantly removed from medicine. Or each day was medical malpractice.
2008 the first papers on HIUS clearing diabetes stated appearing: ½ a minute once to the lower right of the chest.
Type 1 only clears in 3 days – type 2 within 2 minutes. No repeat prescriptions ethically allowed. Same penalty structure as above.
HIUS 3 times clears arthritis – paid killing bio-chemistry globally prohibited, defective medicine. Arthritis is a lower infection – hence 3 times.
HIUS to the lower torso totally clears IBS: no bio-chemical treatments allowed again.
Suddenly medics are complaining about missing diabetic patients. They are not missing – they are cured. And all Dr.s are required to use the licensed 8 W 3 MHz device in the nursing office, to clear all the diseases of age.

Or delete themselves from the medical register – as their health insurance lapses. All bio-chemical drug companies are prohibited from making or selling defective medicine – like bio-chemistry.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Personal transport

We copy nature. Heavy rain does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, setting up a charge between the cloud tops and the ground.
1 H2O+TU ->He2++O2++4e-+E2+X-ray
In a glass tube, we can give a pulse of power at 2,000 V to set up a steam plasma, which converts the molecules into heat and so we can drive a small steam cycle, and get at massive free power.
2 H++e-->n0
3 H++r n0->E2+L
4 O+s n0->4H+
So we do the following
5 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray
The X-rays are like those you get from a boiling kettle, the light is not important. What is, is that a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres produces 1.2 MW of high pressure steam.
We can direst 80% of this to two turbines connected to two small enclosed helicopter blades.
The rest we send to a steam turbine, to generate power. 4% we use to drive a Carnot cycle, that condenses the steam, and returns 85% of the heat to the boiler chamber.
So basically we produce 500 kW, we direct to the blades turbines – giving us 480 kW of lift. And the steam going to each turbine allows us to turn – and altering the blade angles, controls lift.
And we generate 25 k~W of power to power our computers to control the craft. Really too much power.
We can fly the personal helicopter – using 1cc of regular water every year. No roads, no speed cameras. No Fossil Fuels burn.
IC engines are just no powerful enough for this task. We can Ti plate the inside of the engine, and super charge the engine, and get 40 kW – enough power burn it will use loads of fuel.
The water system is far more energetic, and uses no Fossil Fuels burn.
So of course I am working on this idea. Well no. I am writing books, poems and songs. And this summer organising a medieval festival, included music and drama! Watch this space, or the web site for Ordsall Hall.

This is why the wholesale oil price is now at $30, and Saudi Arabia loses money below $60. They have spent all their foreign reserves in only 2 years.

Carbon 0, free energy

 Around the Earth, every 3 minutes we get a lightening strike. This 2cmx1.5km steam plasma makes 5 tonnes of He ions, as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Even at -20oC in the Arctic air.
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
This teaches us that a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres makes a constant 1.2 MW o0f heat – from 10-17cc of regular water a year.
We can drive a turbine, and produce 200 kW. This makes 3.6 million UK pounds of power a year – the national grid is committed to buy from us.
This is why my book of Molecular Nuclear Fusion is number 5 on 'Google 'nuclear fusion'. So we can take out a bank load for the turbine, and pay it back within 2 weeks. Making clear, carbon 0 and free power for 300 houses. Pure profit to us.
Saudi Arabia needs oil prices to be above $60 a barrel to balance the budget. They are below $30 today: every oil nation on Earth is running a budget deficit

Waterfall Fusion

Paperback, 64 Pages 
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Price: £5.84 (excl. VAT)
Prints in 3-5 business days
Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.