Friday, 22 April 2016

UK iron mining

All around the world, a river of geothermal water on the Earth's mantal carries heavy metals around the globe. Where is steam escapes, we get an ore deposit.
We can use ground sonar, to locate that river, just off shore. We drill down to get at this river of superheated water. We pass it through a Dyson dry leaner – and collect all the heavy metal powder.
40% of it will be gold! 5% will be iron – Fe. So we use a magnet, to seperate the iron. We then send this dust to a working electric furnace, and trickle the powder int othe moltern iron bath.
We take regular samples, and tweak the isotope balance. We add C dust, to produce steel, rather than cast iron. We extru8de a ribbon of bar stock, and cut it into convenient lengths – for secondary processing.
Like the float glass process, we produce a constant stream or iron sections – far cheaper than China can produce.

We also get gold, silver, platinum and cpper ingots. Far more gold than the wordl can use. If you own gold ingots, this would be a good moment to sell. Gold prices will fall to 0 soon.

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