Monday, 18 April 2016

The universe is not expanding

The red shift we see in outer space is greater the further we look! This would mean the universe was retreating from us at a greater and greater rate. We are not that important!
Light is given a slight red shift by interstellar antimatter: anti matter does not group nit stars, but forms a diffuse mist in outer space.
It is attracted to matter, but it is beaten off by light from a radiant star – so is beyond a stars heliosphere.
Then the star falls dark, as helium fusion runs down. Now the star fills up with repulsive antimatter. And the star expands, and the goes nova in a Thomason explosion!
And the matter is shared with the universe, and is sucked into new stars as they from. So newer stars have higher levels of high atomic number elements.
The Nova crushes some matter out of existence – so the stars form, burn out and go nova in a an infinite series. There was no start to time, there will be no end.

There are no black holes, just spinning brown giants, that will in time go nova.

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