Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Stopping cncer

This is the CC of my letter to a friend.  Enjoy
 Where did you get the idea not to use it on tumours? When you apply the HIUS, it causes all cancer cells to fragment, included tumours.
When you use it no the eyes, shut the eyes first: I have used it to repair cataract damage.
I recommend ½ a minute on HIUS over an area – people tell me to stop, when they feel warming. I would recommend 4 seconds after you feel warming – it will never get dangerous.
We apply it to a tumour, and the fragmenting cells set up a body wide immune action, to remove the cancer cell type.
Physios use them to fix limb damage – included bone damage. It repairs the body – shedding foreign (undesirable) structures.
I have used machines from Ebay or Amazon. I have two had held Amazon devices. They are hand held beauty massage devices – I have not got around to building a bigger unit yet – no point!
I cured a guy of late stage inoperable liver cancer in 1 minute: his expression was excellent.
We are not talking treatment, 1 minute of HIUS use to the primary and liver, ½ a minute to the arm pits and side of the head should clear the cancer. I do 3 times just to be safe.
No biochemistry and no continuing treatment.
The initial work in Florida was on the prostate 14 years ago. A 100 person double blind trial, that showed HIUS was 100% effective at one application.
HIUS will also work on the head and bone marrow – so it will clear bone cancer. I have used it to repair my 30% brain damage – I suffered in a car accident.
Every Dr. on Earth has validated the HIUS work, and must use it – or cease to be Dr.s. Dating back 14 years. No chemo or radio therapy, biochemical treatments or surgery is ethically permitted.
The cancer goes totally – through out the body. The tumour does not shrink – it goes. We then use HIUS fro ½ a minute to either side of the chest, throat ansd nose to clear all infections.

This stops the devlopment of cancer and the other diseases of age.

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