Friday, 15 April 2016

Statins deffective

Coronary heart disease is cleared by 30 seconds of High Intensity UltraSound t othe top left of the chest and kidneys. This was medically published in 2012.
Since that date, no GP has ethically been allowed to prescribe these poorly tolerated pills. Or they instantly ceased to be a Dr. No research work on Statins has been ethically permitted since that date.
Or the academic medic is struck off,

Statins' side effects

Whether these low-risk people should take statins is a matter for health economists and ethicists to consider. AJ Cann
One significant side effect of statins is the risk of developing diabetes, especially if you are overweight. In the approximately 250,000 people treated with the drugs in 135 randomised trials, there was a 9% increased risk of developing diabetes compared to the rest of the population.
]Diabetes is a massive health risk. Luckily it is cleared by the same High Intensity UltraSound that clears heart disease: as every medic has personally confirmed, HIUS to the top left of the chest and kidneys clears heart disease in 30 seconds.
This makes Statins defective medicine – which can't be prescribed by any doctor. The first paper confirming this was published 2012. Any GP continuing to prescribe tehse poorly tolerated drugs ceased to be a Dr, and had to leave medicine the next day: defective medicine is criminal.
This is massively more important that the questional benefits of this treatment. HIUS clears heart disease in one session, statins never do. As known to every Dr on Earth – who is thus barred from prescribing this or any other drug.
Any person who has been illegally prescribed these drugs find the benefits questionable – where as HIUS totally clears the medical problem – removing the rosk of suddedn death.
A study of 7,924 people treated with high dose statins showed. In this study, 10.5% of people taking statins complained of muscle symptoms (pain, aches, stiffness, weakness, fatigue, cramping and tenderness), usually within a month after starting to take the drugs.
These symptoms were severe enough to prevent moderate exercise in 38% of the people in the study, and 4% were unable to work, or were confined to bed. In contrast, HIUS is safe, with no continuing health problems! And no side effect at HIUS use. The idea medicine – and familiar to ever Dr on Earth.
Who has the required 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound device medically licensed in the nursing office. Getting and using the device will thus take under a minute! Costing 0.002 cents per patient. The best medicine.
Risk factors for developing muscle symptoms included a history of muscle pain with other similar therapy (ten times more likely), unexplained cramps (four times more likely), a family history of muscle symptoms (twice as likely), and low thyroid activity (70% more likely). This sounds like avoidable agony – for the GPs financial gain. Or rather, ex-GP.

People at most risk of side effects are the elderly (aged over 75 years) because they metabolise the drug less efficiently, so there’s a hig

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