Thursday, 14 April 2016

Sheffield does fusion

When I was at Sheffield University 1983, prof Argent sent my M. Eng group around a power station run by Parson's – now part of Seimern's. We were told the turbine hall and boiler room gave off X-rays.
On my PhD in 2000, I learned a working steam engine gave off helium and ozone gases; and my PhD supervisor started talking to me about nuclear fusion. Prof Agent thought up the name Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
A working steam engine does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+O2+TU ->He2++O32-+E2+X-ray
The science which will define the early 21st century. Turbulence turns water molecules into Helium and Oxygen gases, with massive heat and X-rays.
Lightening does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Where the turbulence turns water drops into He, O, Energy and X-rays.
At 5,000 V we get a lightening strike – a 1.5 km x2cm steam plasma. Which releases 5 tonnes of He, every 3 minutes around the Earth. It was at twice that rate in the Jurassic.
So a50x1cm steam plasma will turn regular water into a constant 1.2 MW, at 4 atmospheres – using a volume of water so tiny, we will struggle to measure it – 0.027cc per year.
Our tub will earn an annual income of 3.6 million pounds, and power 3,000 houses. Will carbon free, non toxic energy.
An no hyper-toxic plutonium, or continental toxic death every 25 years.

A 25x1cm steam plasma will produce 600 kW or heat, a small turbine will turn into 60 kW of power, and drive a hyper car/helicopter off regular water. Basically for free! With no CO2.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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