Saturday, 2 April 2016

Saving lives

We site a 1m high brick column in a dirty river, and attach a hand cranked vacuum pump – that can be maintained within the village.
As we crank the handle, the water rises up the colum. Before it gets to the top, it boils. So we pump out pure water vapour, that coindenses as it hits the air, and fills our jug.
If we have access t oa vacuum driven solar pump, durign the day it extractys pure water, and fills a holding reservoir.
The hand crank idea means that for the price of the pump, and a small drick towaer, a village has endless access t ofresh water.
The village uses the water – and the solid waste sinks back int othe river. As the water is used, it flows back into the river, and can be taken out and used by the next village.
It never runs out – and nobody makes money from it. This will end global hunger and thirst.
If we have acccess to a vacuum pump, we can irrigate the fields around – and have power left to sell to the local village.
Totayl safe, cabon neutral power. No more global hunger and thirst.

India has much contaminated river water, and makes solar pannels. So they can clean up the water for nearly free. This will save 10s of millions of lviesa around the world every year.

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