Saturday, 2 April 2016

Purify water

The way to make brown water pure and drinkable, is to boil it! But adding heat is dear. And high pressure water is not much better – and requires constant filter chage and power.
A better idea is to reduce the pressure. We sit a conical tower in a river, and have a crank handle. When we have reduced the pressure enough, the water boils.
Even ice becomes water vapour below 1m of vacuum head. Losing all contaminants, salt and bacteria. We are left with desalinated water vapour.
The water vapour hits the outlet spout, and condenses – filling our jump. With pure water. For free.
The pumps are provided by charities, and never need any maintenance: OK, the gaskets around the pump may need changing every 20 years – price 20 UK pence.
No high pressure desalination. And basically free water.
We can use ground sonar around a village, drill down and get at geothermal water. This comes us gold laden, at 250oC and 8 atmospheres.
We pass this through a Dyson cleaner, and get at the heavy metal dust. This includes Gold, Platinum and silver dust.
As the steam leaves to the air, it passes over the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. When we pressurise the gas, it gets mad hot! 350oC.
We use this to boil off a smaller volume of the geothermal water. So we now drive a steam turbine will pure desalinated steam. So we get at energy. Enough to drive the pumps, and heat and light the village.
When this steam leaves the plant, we do the Carnot idea, and produce pure water – fit to fill a pond with drinkable water.
The hot end will be at 500oC – so we use the hot end to superheat the steam. All science is totally within the abilities of 1st year engineering students.
So for the cost of 1 drill hole, 2 pumps and ponds, we give a village free, carbon zero power for ever. Fresh water, and Gold! We sell the metals to process into ingots.
So we need to ensure that we push a metal tube into the deep Earth magma chamber, so we get up hot water with gold in.
If we do not, we get pure steam, we can use to drive a steam turbine, them condense the steam into pure water. So carbon neutral power, with free fresh water.
This idea can be used be remote villages, to get free power and water. We burn no Fossil Fuels, using the waste heat that today drives Earth quakes and volcanoes. Geothermal steam pushes land above the seas.
If we are on an island, we can use ground sonar to locate the river of geothermal water, there will be a magma chamber in the centre if the island.
We drill down to the geothermal stream, and inject TiO. This doubles the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we are doing. Which will get at more steam, and push a land bridge up, linking the island with the shore.
1 H2O+TU+(Ti) ->He+O+E2+X-rtay+(Ti) the Ti metal is a catalyst, and is not used up.
To lower seas, we drill down and use the steam to generate free power and fresh water. The sea bed will then decline naturally.
So free, carbon neutral power. With Gold and fresh water. Throughout history, water can be more expensive that Gold – you can live without Gold, but not water.
So through out India, free water, gold and power. Plants convert extra CO2 into bio-mass within 5 minutes.
So we have a static trace of CO2 in the air. At pre-industrial levels. So no chance of man affecting the weather. No man-made climate change.

People who invoke Climate Change are dangerous morons, who need to resit high school biology.

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