Thursday, 7 April 2016

Plasma power

We have a 2cm by 1m plasma tube in a water tank. We use a pulse of power at 2,000 V to start the plasma up, and then it self sustains.
Steam engines set up a steam plasma in the fire tube – and they reach 3,000 V at 8 atmospheres. So we should get 1,400oC. 9 of these tubes will produce enough clean steam to run a 100 MW power station – no life enhancing CO2, or hyper toxic radioactive waste.
EDF is now sitting on the world's biggest stock of fuel grade plutonium and strontium. Which must be ground stored for 100,000 years. The cost of which will be about 84 trillion! The world's economies only hold 28 trillion today. This is a bankrupt industry.
As the world starts using steam plasma tubes as clean nuclear fusion tubes, all nuclear fission, and money to EDF will cease. So the French government and the EU will be bankrupted by the cost! EDF will be history 2020.
So we are using only 0.002cc of regular water a year, to run the power station – no coal, oil or gas burn. Thankfully no toxic uranium fission!
So we get clean free power.
A garage hobbyist can use a 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres, to generate 1.2 MW of heat, off virtually 0 water! It will actually use 0.0007cc per decade. No CO2 or radioactive waste.
He runs a steam turbine he buys over the internet, and generates 120 kW or electricity. This gives him an annual income of 3.55 million UK pounds. So he will pay back the turbine in 4 days.
Then why bother working ever again?

A 25x1cm steam plasma tube will gnerate enough power, to drive a hyper-car, off very little regular water. 0.0026cc of regular water in the life of the car.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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