Friday, 29 April 2016

Nuclear illegal

After Chernobyl, every nuclear plant on Earth required insurance of 40 billion. No insurance above 1 billion commercially available.
So nuclear power devised Global Warming – to say that CO2 above all else would warm the weather. Any high schoolbiol0gy teacher would have told them, photosynthesis on the land and seas converts CO2 back into biomass.
The Jurassic has 85% more life. 10% more oxygen, and 4 parts per million CO2 in the global air.
Except curing the 3 natural ice-ages- one lasting 650 million years. With global CO2 at 8 ppm.
Over the Arctic today, there is 4 ppm CO2 – twice the global average.
The world started cooling 1995: So all those PhDs into Global Warming must be reclined. And all the PhDs they supervised.
Then we were on to the meaningless Climate Change – which turns out to be NARTURAL global cooling. With a pre-industrial 2ppm CO2 in the global air. A static trace gas affects nothing.
So all those carbon taxes must be returned – it is spurious nuclear nonsense.
As known to every world leader who signed Kyoto. Barak Obama is fully aware that carbon dioxide is static – and reacts to the wax and wane of plants. There will be no new climate conference – or the world leaders will show the world they have untreated mental health problems.
David Cameron is not a idiot – is he?
The 100 nuclear plants in the US each require independent insurance cover of 100 billion – not available.
So the lawyers have the duty to issue immediate stop orders on every nuclear plant in the world.

Lets use clean, safe, free, carbon neutral Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

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