Monday, 25 April 2016

Nuclear Fusion is here!

In 2001 I told Sheffield University how to do nuclear fusion. They were so alarmed, they ended my PhD. You see it totally fixed Global Warming – the major cash cow of science academia.
I actually reminded them of science they taught me in 1984: a working steam engine gives off gamma waves, and turned water into He and O gases – plus loads of heat.
1 H2O+TU ->He2++O2-+G+E Tu=turbulence G=gamma wave radiation.
So a working steam engine must have loads of turbulence – or it will TAKE in energy. To double the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do, you Ti plate the steam engine cylinders.
This also works for car engines – that do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 3H2O+CO2+TU->(CH4-E)+(He+O+E2+G)
Stills also do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – which is why still fumes are flammable – the contain oxygen and methane.
The simplest way to do nuclear fusion is copy nature. A beating animal heart uses the pressure waves to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
3 H2O+TU ->He2++O2-+E2+G
So you do nuclear fusion, as your heart beats. This is very safe – 70 times a minute, in your chest for life.
All planets in the light do it
4 mCO2+(n+r)H2O+TU+UV ->(Cm(H2O)n-E)+r(He+O+Er3+G)
So all life is supported by Nuclear Fusion going on in a field or garden near you. Heavy rain gets in on the act as it does 3: this fixes all the organic nitrogen that fertilizes life on Earth. Without it, there would be no life on Earth.
The positive charge collects above the cloud layer, and the negative falls to Earth. When we get a potential of 5,000 V, we get a 1.5km lightening down strike. Which is a partial steam plasma.
The up-rush of 100 amps of charge electrons make 5 tonnes of Helium, and associated ozone, and a massive release of energy.
Using E=mc2 we get 2.5x1030 W of power. Every 3 minutes throughout the year, around the Earth. 1040 W: more power in 3 seconds, than man has ever released, including from his nuclear bombs.
By detonating a A bomb in a tank of water, man does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and produces a H bomb.
So a 1m 2cm steam plasma will produce 5.8 MW: 9 of these will drive a 100 MW power plant – using a Carnot heat pump to recover the heat of the spent steam – so no cooling tower. Today such a device will reduce the Fossil Fuels burn by a factor of 9 – for 4% of the generated power.
So 1/9th of the Fossil Fuels burn for free. Producing power for under 1p per kW hour. Half the price of hyper toxic uranium fission. And no plutonium or continental toxic death.
But 9 steam plasma tubes will cost $1,700 to set up and get working. Above 4 atmospheres they will run unpowered. Using very little regular water – 0.05cc of regular water per decade.
Basically free, carbon neutral, safe and clean power.
The home user can use Molecular Nuclear Fusion, to produce his power and generate a massive income.

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube will produce a constant 1.2 MW of heat, from 0.0027cc of regular water a year.
A little steam turbine purchased off the internet, will pay back in 2 weeks. He will get 200 kW per year. 60 million UK pounds! Power is so over priced.
Each user requires only 8 kW per year. So we are going to supply over 200 houses with carbon 0 power. That uses no Fossil Fuels burns.
And the largest equipment is the turbine – which will need a double garage. The plasma tube will cost $250, and run off regular water. We can start off the plasma with a crank handle, and a 2 minute wind.
Above 4 atmospheres, it will run unpowered. Even if we had to loop back 0.01 amps of current – from 200 kW, we are not even going to notice.
So no uranium fission should be done around the world. After Fukishima, each nuclear plant requires insurance of 100 billion, No insurance above 1 billion is available.
I told this to EDF, and their finance director resigned! As all their managers will get 10 years in prison each, for each plant, for every year of illegal operation – since 1986 – the year of Chernobyl.
And the British tax payer gets 10 million in damages, per plant, for every year of illegal operation. Money owed by the Chinese and EDF.
500 users will replace every power station in the UK. Producing clean, carbon 0 energy. For under 1p per kW hour.
 Technically a steam plasma does H fission.
A H++e- ->n0
B O2-+8n0 ->8H++10e-

C H++r n0 ->Er3+L+G

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