Sunday, 17 April 2016

Making He and power

As geothermal water circulate around the Earth, it is turned into He and O gases plus massive heat and X-rays. There is no chemical source of He and X-rays – we are doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
So the He from the deep is constantly regenerating. And being lost to space constantly. But we would prefer a plant to produce He and O gases – as LOX has high value.
We have the hot end of a Carnot system in a water bath. Thie generates steam at 120oC and 4 atmospheres. We pass this over more Carnot tubes – at higher pressure, that heat the gas to 650oC.
This hot steam is drawn into a plasma chamber, where we have a steam plasma – set up by 2,000 V and 0.02 amps. This does MNF.
The steam leaves the top of this chamber, at 1,200oC. Drawing in more maw steam.
We drive a steam turbine, that generates 100 MW, and hot steam mixed with He and O2 gas – the oxygen dimerises.
All PCWs doing uranium fission, require insurance cover of 100 billion. Which is not commercially available – so present nuclear power is all operating illegally.
Hinckley B had planning until 1990. So since then has been operating illegally. 1O million UK pounds, and 10 years in jail for the station managers for every illegal year. And we have had 24 of them.
As Prince Charles told me, all green field sites require a Royal commission. Which EDF will lose – hence there flouting of planning. No valid insurance, and the plant can't ever start.
Hinckley C is never going to happen. Hinckley B should stop immediately. The Power Station Regulator has the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders.
Nuclear fusion produces no Pu or St, no toxic death. So does not require that level of insurance cover.
To stop the Molecular Nuclear Fusion, we turned off the switch which fires the plasma! IT CAN NEVER REUN AWAY – WE JUST FLICK THE ON-OFF SWITCH.
It is how nature gets at power – you do Molecular Nuclear Fusion as your heart beats. And photosynthesis is UV light power Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Which is why plants give out X-rays, and produce He only in the light.
So as we condense the steam on the cold end of the Carnot heat pump, we get He and O gases. The oxygen has high commercial value.
Helium is worth more than Gold – weight for weight.
And we can scale this system down. A 1,000 Volt 0.001 amp electric field will produce 400 kW of heat. That will generate 40 kW of power: the average house only need 8 kW. The national grid will pay us120,000 UK pounds for the power.
All the Carnot pumps will consume 20 W, from a power production of 40 kW.
From regular water. Using established science. EDF is an illegal company – permanently excluded from government contracts.
There is no need for uranium nuclear fission – we now know how to do clean nuclear fusion, and generate a huge income.
And we then see the He and O gases – as a huge income stream. Remember, he has more value than Gold. Which is heavy and useless.

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