Saturday, 16 April 2016

Irrigate Arabia

There are two options here.
Use low pressure desalination. Saudi Arabia has cheap power. Other Gulf states have loads of sunshine, so can easily drive solar pannels connesed to a pump.
First we have a vacuum pump, to raise sea of river water 1m. The water boils, so we lose all contaminants, and we extract pure water vapour. The cold Brine or brown water sinks! So we use a conical tower in the water, so the cold brine can sink, and be replaced by warm sea water.
We then have a polyurethane pipe line, to transport the vapour inshore. As we vent the water vapour, it forms cold mist – and sinks to fill a reservoir.
We then have an irrigation system. We expose the old soil, and turn what is now deserts, back into lush arrable areas.
We harvest the grass, and feed animals – so we increase life on Earth, and metabolise CO2 into plant carbohydrates. The animals eat the plant mass, combine it with the oxygen excreted by operants – and they breathe out the CO2 plants need to grow.
We are gong to increase life on Earth, and global food supplies.

2 We can use geothermal water. We drill down, and enter a magma chamber from below. This water is 250oC, 8 atmospheres. We give it a small vent, down to 240oC, 7.8 atmospheres.
As we pass it through a regardised Dyson dry cleaner, we get heavy metals, and any salts. 40% Gold, plus Silver, Platinum, Copper and Iron.
Heavy metals as a waste product. The Earth's interior contains 455 million tonnes of gold – it is the 5th most abundant element on Earth. Concentrated at the Earth core.
The water filling mantel pockets, is gold laden. In 2,000 years mining, man has extracted 2,000 tonnes of gold – most of it in the last 50 years.

As gold mines have started extracting water from at the Mantel depth. The mines are finding it is gold laden. So they collect it, assuming it is because the pressurised water is running over gold ore.
No. Heavy metals are soluble in high pressure and temperature water. So all mantel water is gold laden – even 100s of miles from a gold mine.
Mantel pockets are easy to find on valley bottoms. We use ground sonar – and there is a mantel pocket ever 2 miles. And all will yield gold.
The secret is not to mine rock, which is dangerous and expensive. The trick is to drill down to water.
We get gold laden water. We use a Dyson to extract the metals! 10,000 times the daily demand for gold – with no recycling of the metal. Which is just so common.
We then use the clean steam to drive a steam tube, and produce carbon free, cost free power. No Fossil Fuels burn, or CO production. Free power, from the wasted heat of the Earth's interior. All the nuclear decay away from man.
The turbulent flow of mantel water does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
1 H2O+TU ->He+O+E2+X-ray.
So the deep does nuclear fusion, and tops up the radioactivity in the Earth's interior.
And then we vent the steam, and it condenses as cold, fresh water. Which we use to irrigate the fields – and the crops will scavenge the CO2 from the air – but it already sinks it to a global average of 2 parts per million.
So we will transplant plant growth to the hot lands, Which will not b warm and mist, not hot and arid.
The water flows back to the sea, peculate to the mantel, picks up heat and gold – and we go around again.

Carbon free power, More fresh water and life on Earth – and just so much gold.I forgot one of my big ideas. When drive a Carnto heat pump with 4% of the generted power.#
With the Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do in all turbines halls today, we increase the power production ny a factor of 9.
So we get limitless free power, no cO2, and free gold and other heavy metals.

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