Saturday, 16 April 2016

Instant tea

Freeze dried coffee is produced by brewing up a vat of coffee. Then we attach a vacuum pump, and reduce the pressure on the liquid: so we need to leave 20% of the vat space free, so the coffee liquid can boil!
We suck out pure water. If you have followed my blog, you will see this is how to turn sea and river water into pure, desalinated water.

In the depths of Africa, Oxfam will donate the solar panels, So during the day you can produce limitless water, to irrigate the fields and drink. Where ever you have salt water, you can suck pure desalinated water out, for 0.57% the cost of boiling the water. And 12 times cheaper than high pressure desalination.
Boiling tea ruins the flavour – and dried stewed tea is horrid. But if we attack a solar driven vacuum pump, we can produce freeze dried teat.
No messing around with tea bags! And we can add a little soluble flavouring. Cheaper, and no more hassle than dried coffee granules.
Another idea is to add the flavouriods from tea bushes, to the genome for turnips. These Global Warming crops will produce tea flavoured tubors.

We grind these up, and use the low pressure idea from above, and produce UK or US grown tea. Simple, easy and cheap.

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