Thursday, 21 April 2016

Improving the steam cycle

  1. Run the boiler room off steam plasma tubes – these do Molecular Nuclear Fusion. We also have the heat recyclwe tubes – more of this below.
  2. Super heat using Molecular Nuclear Fusion – again steam plasma tubes. Rubnning at higher pressure – to reach higer temperatures.
  3. Have ceramic turbnie blades – rather than nimonics. We use the potters skill to produce porous ceramic blades – coated with TiO. Park of my thinks 3D printing could turn out blades very cheaply.
  4. We can run the boiler room at 2,200oC – depending on the melting point of the ceramic blades. Ni blades give out at 1,800oc, Ti at 1,200oC.
  5. Cool the exit steam on the cold end on a Carnto heat pump! Taking the steam down to 12
    We take off 4% of the generated power, to reduce the Fossil Fuels burn by a factor of 8.
    All ready today gas is massively cheaper than uranium nuclear power – and produces life boosting CO2, not hyper-toxic plutonium.120oC, 4 atmospheres – liquid water. We cycel the water back to the boiler room.  

We should be abel to reduce the cost of electricity by a factor of 20, and so undercut toxic nuclear power.  Making it nas cheap as chips.

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