Friday, 22 April 2016

Free steel and gold map of the Peek Diostrict

A big cost of steel taday, is electricity: fewer people are now burnig oil or gas. They are using an electric arc! I studied this sience st Sheffeild University when I was 18.
We use the maps produced by geographers: they used ground sonar, to locate magma chambers. They are anticlockwise shifted from rowun river souces. 10Cm per km I think!
We drill down and enter the magma chamber from below. So we set a stream of sperheated water, with heavy metals disolved in it. Included gold and iron.
We use a magnet to seperate out the iron filings! Not ever FeO – iron ore. But Fe metal. We use a ruggardised Dyson dry cleaner to scrub out the metal poder. The Dysion causes the metals to drop out of solution.
So we sel lthe Au, Ag, Pt and Cu, t oprocess into ingots. We use the clean steam to drive a caerbon free steam turbine. And we want to generate 4 MW.
When the plant is not operating, we sell the power to the grid. So a big power user now becomes a large power producer.
Utilisingteh waste heat on the Earth's interior: all the nuclear fission happens in the Earth's core – wel lazwa yfrom man.
So we get free power that yields gold and iron. We use some of the power, t oproduce flaot iron! We float the molten metal on tin, and gillotine it to length – as Pilkinton's do with glass.
Pilkinton's should sin ka well, to get at the free energy from the deep – with added gold. The csot of producing the steel or glass is incidental – as we are making a fortune from all the gold.

There is 455 million tonnes of gold in the deep – through 2,000 years man has mined 1560 thousadn tonnes of gold! 0.5% of the available metal – which is really worthless.

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