Sunday, 24 April 2016

Cool the hot lands

We can reverse this idea, to warm the cool lands. You work the details out!
We have a Carnot gas. Methane is a reasonable choice. We pressurised the gas – and it gets hot! A gas temperature is given by the collisions with the side wall in a minute. We can add heat, to increase the collision rate.
But the Rev Sterling figured out in the 18th century, that is we decrease the volume the gas was in, we will get more collisions with the side wall.
This is why the valve of a bicycle pump. Get hot as you pump gas into the tyre. It is the basis for all refrigeration cycles in the world – and also allows us to heat a 4 bedroomed house from a frozen duck pond in winter.
For 10% of the cost of adding heat – the gas takes in low temperature heat, we pressurise the gas, and lose the heat at higher temperature. Cheaper than adding heat.
So we access the sea or a large lake, we lose the heat from the pressurised gas. Now as we vent the pressure, we end up with a volume volume of low temperature gas.
From Z at Sheffield university suggested passing this heat up one side of a double helical heat exchanger – we have two linked helices, and the heat travels from the air into the cold gas.
We draw in the air at the top, outside of the helices. And generate power. So during the day, the system drives itself, and powers up a Barrett, to continue the cycle at night.
So we suck the heat from the air, and once we have started the system off in the morning sun, the plant runs high-powered, cooling 50,000 gallons of air an hour.
After sun down, we may choose to reverse the system, to suck heat from the seas, and put it in the air – which can fall bellow 0oC at night over the dessert.
We increase the flows of heat to the Poles – which warm naturally. We may choose to site plants, to put heat in the air – the heat being from the wasted sun-light over the equator.
Equatorial seas are fairly devoid of life – fish prefer the cold water of the Poles.
So we have used science from the 18th century, to improve modern life. But equatorial air holds a lot of water vapour, that comes out as we cool the air.
So we collect this pure water, at the base of the plant – where we get the out rush of cold air. We bottle and sell this water.
This whole idea came from my father's survival training when he was with the army at Kenya. To make your morning drink, leave a metal cup under your tent fly sheet.
The cold of the night will condense out water – your morning drink.
So we can cool the hot lands, and warm the cold lands – for very nearly free. Plants have metabolised all extra cO2 back into active biology. So man-made Global Warming was stupid fiction from nuclear power and its paid stooges.

We have a pre-industrial 2 parts per million over the temperate area of the world. CO2 levels are higher over the Arctics.

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