Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Clearance of diabetes

I was just watchnig BBC News, and they reported diabetes was on the march – 1.5 million people died in 2012. Hold on, this is 2016! Why deos all the health data stop 4 years ago.
2013 I demostrated practically the clearance of disbetes using a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic MSSSAE DEVICE PURCHASED FROM aMAZON.
If you want t omake stuff scary, don't use old data. 30 seconds of the ultrasound at full power t othe lower right of the rib cage, over the pancrtease, clears the inflated viural altered structure causing diabetes.
Typ 1 clears in 3 days, as the liver tclears the anti sense enzyme to insultin, made by the viral rump. Type 2 clears almost instantly, as we clear the viral rump, suppressing inate insulim secretion.
2012 also saw the medically proved use of High Intensity UltraSound toi clear cancers! 1 minute to the cancerous organ, or the lungs.
It really is not hard, and required no gP involvemeent, and no bio-chemistry.
Bio-chemistry has been defective medicien for 14 years, and the gMC acti8vly enxcourages registered Dr.s to research it – against the Hippocratic oath.

Enforcing the Hippocratic oath must go to the lawyers. And all GPs who have prescribed bio-chemistry for the last 14 years struck off: this inclues all junior Drs.s, and any Dr who takes strike action automatically is killing patients – and can never be a Dr again. 

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