Sunday, 17 April 2016

~30 years of nuclear illegality

First let us consider Global Warming. Plants take in CO2, down to a present limit of 5 ppm. So within 5 minutes, the burnt Fossil Fuels are back as active life. Sucking the gas from the air.
A static trace gas affects nothing, and we have a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the air. Hmm.
CO2 levels can only rise in a natural ice age. In the 3 natural Jurassic ice ages, it was at 8ppm/
The weather started cooling 1995, so by 2005 nuclear power changed to man-made Climate Change. Again with a static trace of CO2 in the air. People who are going on about Global Warming, obviously have an untreated mental health problem.
Academics stopped all Global Warming research 2005 – only ten years after the weather started cooling.
The natural Climate Change we see no is global cooling – with a static trace of CO2 in the air.
The thing that sinks CO2 is plant growth. Where photosynthesis sets off nuclear fusion
1 mCO2+(n+R)H2O+UV+TU ->(Cm(H2O)n+2mO-E)+r(He+O+E2+X-ray)
We can measure the X-rays and He gas from a field of growing crops.
So the trick is to get more sun-light at the North Pole. The Soviets launched a giant reflector – but the Western astronomers get them to let it burn up in the Earth's atmosphere.
A more controllable idea. Is a mesh of steam plasma tubes. These suspend 50x1cm steam plasma tubes. 20M above the fields.

A steam plasma does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
2 H++e- ->2/3n0 the hydrogen ions bond with free electrons, to form neutrons.
3 H++r n0 ->(1+r)n0+X-ray ->Er3
4 16O2-+s n0 ->8H++10e-+E
A 50cm seam plasma tube releases 1.2 MW. You can see it is complex. The hydrogen ions and electrons form neutrons. These cause the oxygen ions to fission exothermically, into hydrogens. The hydrogen fission into heat, X-rays and light.
So at 4 atmospheres, we produce a self sustaining plasma, which releases massive heat and UV light. One in the centre of the field will replace direct sunlight.
Suddenly we turn Siberia into a lush grain area – sucking CO2 from the air. But already the natural life on land and the seas limits CO2 to 2 parts per million.
We now have a lush, warm arable Siberia and north pole. Growing crops 24 hours a day, 365.25 day a year.

In dark lands like Yorkshire, we can turn down the plasma pressure during the day, and turn it up as night comes. So we have 24 hr agriculture. That utilise 0.0065cc of regular water a year.
No external power – we can use steam plasma tube to run a steam cycle: 5.8 MW/m fro a 2cm steam plasma tube.
Fossil Fuels burnnig only gives us 45 kW/m. And we get no toxic plutonium or strontium. Present nuclear power sprasy radioactive waste over a continent once every 25 years.
After Chernobyl it needed insurance of 40 billion: no insurance over 1 billion is commercially available – so it financialyl comprimised its regular.
Cheaper and totally criminal. Afte wFukishima it now needs insurance of 100 billion – which it obvious does not have.
So every PWR in the world is running illegally – and must stop in 1986.
So this means nuclear power is running illegally for the lst 30 years. Academics are not allowed criminal finance.

So must retrun all research finance, and shred all academic papers! It won't – though it is almost as big a threat to life on Earth as nuclear power.

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