Saturday, 30 April 2016

Making fresh water

Is so easy. We have a solar vacuum pump – maybe with a small wind turbine to supplement the power Maybe just using mains at night.
We raise the water up by 1m and it boils – so forming pure water vapour. We use a sequence of pumps to transfer it to a high reservoir – or just supply the water for a small group of farms.
It was forecast that fresh water would be the big shortage of the next century, but we only apply 1 atmosphere of vacuum, to produce pure water vapour.
We vent it above a storage reservoir, and end global hunger and thirst for ever! This will directly affect 1.38 billion – who do not have enough to eat.
And this is high school physics. There will never be a shortage of sea water – or now fresh water. This will make such a difference on Earth.
I requires light engineering – and the UN will fund the devices – to end global hunger and thirst.

If I had ermined in Sheffield I would have had the devices rolling out of the door 2003.

AIDs is cured

2002 the Moffitt cancer centre confirmed my idea of High Intensity UltraSound totally cured cancer at one 1 minute application – the idea came out of my Chemical Engineering PhD, and interest in immunology.
I use a 8 W 1 MHz ultrasonic massage device I got from Amazon:

 This will even clear late stage inoperabel liver cancer in just a single 1 minute application.
I published my work on the interenet, and said it sould work for all viruses – which must have an overinflated nature.
Such cell do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray
My interest was the X-rays from an ultrasound scan. But the cell is blasted apart. I said it should work with HIV and Ebola – and just 1 minute of HIUS to the chest clears HIV.
As we talk cancers are being cured. 2012 cancer killede 1/3rd of humanity. Not it is below 10%.
My page on this idea is on second place on facebook – with no advertising.
So all viruises are now curable.

End Hunger

13.5 percent of the wordl population do not have enough to eat. Using a small solar or wind powered vacuum pump, we can turn sea or river water int opure water- deal for grop irrigation.
We can use science published in the 18th centruy, to end global hunger or thirst.Pumping waer up under a meter makes it boils – losing all salts and pollutants – turning it into pure water. We can use to irrigate fields and drink.
This will save the world $2 billion annually. For a total cost of 160 million.
We will save 1.4 billion lives every year.

Ending hunger and thirst

The greatest shortage on this planet is fresh water – though salt water covers 60% of the surface of the Earth. We also have brown non-breakable water.
If we attack a vacuum pump to a 1m high cone whose base lies below the water, we can suck the sea water up – and it boils. Even ice becomes water vapour.
So in the Arctics, is we mount 1m1 high cones below the ice surface, we can such out pure water vapour – a cheaper source of water than melting ice.
In the hot countries we get endless amounts of fresh water vapour – we pump to a high reservoir. As we release the vacuum, the water condenses and fills the reservoir.
We end global hunger and thirst – using science worked out in the 18th century.

We get the UN to fund the pumps – powered by the sun, or the wind. The amounts of energy we need are small – and the lives saved immense.

Asta Zeneca bankrupt

I n 2002 the Moffitt cancer centre publisehd the total cure of cancer using High Intensity UltraSound – at 1 appointment.
Every health centre has a 8 W 3 MHz ultrasound device – that works as a HIUS unit.
We want 1 minute to the primary, liver and ½ a minute to the arm pits and both aides of the head: chemo and radio therapy, biochemical treatments and surgery are now defective medicine no Dr can prescribe.
No surgical team around the world has been economically solvent for 14 years: all surgeons giving cancer surgery knew about HIUS – so are no longer registered Dr.s.
Astra Zeneca sacked all its cancer researchers in 2010. Now its profits have taken an 12% hit this year, they are trying to research cancer treatment research: don't – no r can ethically prescribe cancer drugs.
They must use the health centre HIUS machine – a 1 appointment total cure to cancer.
My friend has asthma, so I applied ½ a minute of HIUS to each side of his chest – and this cleared the viral fragment from the lungs. And totally cleared the disease.
So no Dr can ethically prescribe asthma inhalers. So the $1 billion Astra paid Galaxo-Smith-Kline was totally wasted money.
I use an ultrasonic massage device purchased from Amazon. Ebay are also sources. They set off Molecular Nuclear Fusion in the viral or bacterial structure – that must be pressurised in order to grow,
1 H2O+US ->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
Body cells are no affected, until we get to 20 W 1 MHz. 5 W 1 MHZ, and 150 W 40 kHz also work.
So in 30 seconds we remove the diseases of age. Heart disease is cleared by HIUS to the top left of the chest and the kidneys.
Arthritis is caused by ball of a pressurised bacterial structure in the joints. HIUS clears it – but it is a very mobile condition, so may take 3 HIUS sessions.
Drug companies are particularly annoyed by the 30 cancers of diabetes I have cleared – with no failures. 20 is medically significant.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
We want ½ a minute to the bottom right of the chest. Though type 1 takes 3 days t remit – as the liver clears the antisense enzyme to insulin from the blood. This binds to, and stops insulin working.
This means diabetes will show up as white viral structures in the pancreas. Cleared by one session of HIUS.
So Astra Zeneca made in profit what it wasted on asthma patents last year. No Dr can now prescribe any biochemical treatments.

The world has changed, and Astra Zeneca made $0 dollars last year. Probably the day to sell Astra shares.

Cheap fresh water

In sore, we drill down to a magma chamber – located using ground sonar. This water comes up, at 250oC, 8 atmospheres with a limit concentration of gold and heavy metals.
We pass this through a aggrandised Dyson dry cleaner, to extract the heavy metals, and any salts. We sell this dust on, to process into salt, and metal ingots: there is 455 million tonnes of gold, which is dissolved in the geothermal water.
For all his mining, man has extracted only 2,000 tonnes of gold from the deep. The Kruger mines are now using air conditioning to solidify the earth's mantel – so is now mining the core material directly – more gold!
So we get steam at 240oC and 7.8 atmospheres. We use this to generate power. And use some of this power to drive a Carnot heat pump, which loops back 85% of this heat, so the entry steam is heated to over 800oC, using heat liberated to the air today.
We can use this idea from the 18th century, to improve present Fossil Fuels power generation. We get the same power, from 1/9th of the oil or gas burn.
In the desserts, we now have a limitless source of fresh water – we now fill high reservoirs – then it is over to biology, to reintroduce life.
We seed the area with soil, dredged from the sea floor, and washed at river outlets. We will actually need to provide salt licks, for the animals – as we turn dessert beck into lush arable land. We will introduce animals as the grass gets established.
Until then, we will ship animal manure, to fertilise the new grass lands. Liberia still has huge corn fields from the Roman empire – it fed Rome.
The other idea is for farmers that have sea coast, but no fresh water. We use solar panels to drive pumps, and expose the sea water to 1m of vacuum. The water boils.
This is how nature makes fresh water, evaporation from huge areas of the sea. Here we reduce the pressure on the water, and it boils away to fresh steam.
A group of waters invest in more solar pumps, and transport the water inshore. AS we vent the pressure over a reservoir, the steam condenses into mist – that fill the reservoir with liquid water.
The UN and other charities provide subsidised pumps – as it ends global hunger and thirst – which is a lot dearer to manage.

So we turn what is now semi-desert, back into lush farm land. For nearly free. No need for expensive and dangerous high pressure desalination. No filters – just by turning the pumps around. And reducing the power we use.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Most massive fine

In 1986, Chernobyl suffered a triple core melt down. Every operating nuclear plant after this required insurance cover of 40 billion. No insurance cover over 1 billion is available.
So nuclear power thought up Global Warming – and got academic to write papers about CO2 affective the weather.
But high school biology teaches that within 5 minutes, extra CO2 is converted in biomass – that is where the Fossil Fuels came from: the mass extinctions of prehistory.
Academics are not allowed to get funding from illegal operations – and since 1986 all nuclear power has been illegal.
The national operators were financially compromised, In a process lawyers term massive corporate fraud.
Every plant manager and legal regulator gets 10 years in jail, for every year of a plant operating illegal. And a fine of 10 million.
Which amounts to 1.8 millennia in jail, and a 18 billion fine.
They carried right on, after the world started cooling in 1995: Climate Change was not invented until 2005. So a static trace gas is meant to have affected the weather. A static trace gas can't affect anything.
And the US has 100 illegal plants operating. And Fukishima showed, those are the most dangerous plants. But Fukishima showed, the most technically adept nation on Earth can't do uranium fission safely.

Now we know a steam plasma does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – google it! Safe, clean, nearly free carbon neutral power.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.

Nuclear illegal

After Chernobyl, every nuclear plant on Earth required insurance of 40 billion. No insurance above 1 billion commercially available.
So nuclear power devised Global Warming – to say that CO2 above all else would warm the weather. Any high schoolbiol0gy teacher would have told them, photosynthesis on the land and seas converts CO2 back into biomass.
The Jurassic has 85% more life. 10% more oxygen, and 4 parts per million CO2 in the global air.
Except curing the 3 natural ice-ages- one lasting 650 million years. With global CO2 at 8 ppm.
Over the Arctic today, there is 4 ppm CO2 – twice the global average.
The world started cooling 1995: So all those PhDs into Global Warming must be reclined. And all the PhDs they supervised.
Then we were on to the meaningless Climate Change – which turns out to be NARTURAL global cooling. With a pre-industrial 2ppm CO2 in the global air. A static trace gas affects nothing.
So all those carbon taxes must be returned – it is spurious nuclear nonsense.
As known to every world leader who signed Kyoto. Barak Obama is fully aware that carbon dioxide is static – and reacts to the wax and wane of plants. There will be no new climate conference – or the world leaders will show the world they have untreated mental health problems.
David Cameron is not a idiot – is he?
The 100 nuclear plants in the US each require independent insurance cover of 100 billion – not available.
So the lawyers have the duty to issue immediate stop orders on every nuclear plant in the world.

Lets use clean, safe, free, carbon neutral Molecular Nuclear Fusion.

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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Nature makes immense amounts of power every day by doing nuclear fusion on high pressure water or steam. Totally clean and natural power! With no radioactive toxic waste! Totally green power on earth.
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