Monday, 21 March 2016

Worst science fiction ever

Chernobyl happened 1986. During my master's degree. Dr Z my phD supervisor was not at Sheffield. Thus all the research money be got from nuclear power, was after their insurance state lapsed.
After Chernobyl they required insurance of 40 billion. There is no commercial insurance for more than 1 billion.
Thus all academics were taking research off a criminal operation! This is nto ethical. That must be recided, and all papers paid for shredded.
These include all the work on Global Warming – which was biologicla rubbish. Globla photosynthesis caps ~CO2 at 2 parts per milliion.
A static trace gas affects nothing! It has no effect on the weather. Thus G~W was science fiction funded by a criminal organisation.
The world started cooling 1995. So Climate Change is really natural Global Cooling. Nothing to do with man.

Burning the Fossil Fuels increases active life on Earth – it can't have any effect on the weather. That is anti-scietific, nuclear fiction. Not science.

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