Monday, 7 March 2016

Uninsured nuclear

As any High School biology student will tell you, as we burn the Fossil Fuels, within 5 minutes you have increased plant bio-mass. So since man started burning the Fossil Fuels, active life on Earth has increased 20%.
Photosynthesis powers life on the land and the seas! So free CO2 in capped at only 2 parts per million – its pre-industrial level.
Which is why no academic now works on Global Warming or Climate Change. All individuals who published papers on either, have now been retired, or moved!
Carbon is fixed! It is the gas of life. So it goes up over the Poles or in a natural ice age.
The Jurassic had 4 ppm in the global air – and 65% more active life. Except during the 3 natural ice ages, when it spiked at 8ppm – levels demonstrated by mineral deposits dated using phosphorous dating. So we have a pre-industrial trace of cO2 in the air – and historically levels only rise 4 years into a natural ice age. It is a climate follower. All this published science. Global Warming only seems like science to people with an untreated mental health problem.
Every PCW nuclear plant on Earth required 40 billion of insurance – after Chernobyl. 2010 say Fukishima, when the required insurance rose top 100 billion: a cost now being paid by the Japanese government – not Tokyo Nuclear. Which is now bankrupt.
Any nuclear incident bankrupts the operating company, and the cost goes up to the national government. You are paying the cost for British Nuclear – now owned by the Chinese.
There is no insurance cover available above 1 billion. So British Nuclear is operating under-insured.
They are over seen by the Power Station Regulator, who is under the legal imperative to issue immediate stop orders on ever nuclear plant in the UK.
A steam plasma releases 8.6 MW, from a 1m x2cm glass tube. 9 of them will run a 100 mW power station: we loop but the system heat using an efficient heat exchanger. So we lose only 15% of the heat – and take out 10% as generated power.
A turbine hall releases 10% of the heat from a power station as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – see my other posts.
So clean, safe, non toxic zero carbon energy – from very little regular water. 0.04cc or regular water a year! The site coffee machine will use 250 gallons of water in that time.
Every year of illegal operation sentences each plant manager and regulator to 10 years in jail, and a 10 million fine – at 1983 money levels. So about 35 million now.

No argument! Any high school biology student realises Global Warming is just wrong science. Which is why all academic work stopped 2005. Didn't you notice?

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