Thursday, 24 March 2016

Free electric

This is a neat way to heat steam. We use the steam heat to boil off a little water, before we enter the super heat chamber. This is heated by vertical Carnot heat pump tubes, on the high pressure end.
After we have cooled the system heat on the cold end of the Carnot pump.
The steam that leave the torous will be at 3000oC: data here from the temperature of the fire tubes in a steam engine, as they enter the boiler chamber.
There are 2 heating systems, H fission and fusion. For the fusion system, the He gas bubbles out of the condensed water, after the steam turbine and Carnot pump.
We do electrolysis of the water, to form charged ions.
1 H2O+e- ->2H++O2-+e- different entry and exit electrons
So we use the Carnot pump to boil off our system water, and introduce this to the torous We also in introduce the H+ and O2- at different ports.
No9w when we apply a magnetic field to our 1m torous, the ions circulate like ball bearings in a ball mill: this is where it gets complicated.
2 H++H2O ->n0+OH-
3 n0 +H+ ->2H+ ->E12+X-ray +L
4 n0+16O2- ->8H++10e--E3
5 2H++TU ->He2++E2
Now E1+E3=25E2
So the torous heats up the steam. Which we draw off to superheat and drive a steam cycle. So passing a small volume of water through an electrolysis cell, then driving the magnetic fields only consumes 0.8% of the generated current.
We utilise no Fossil Fuels burn, no toxic Uranium fission, we produce no CO2 or toxic radioactive waste.
We produce 3He2+ - like the deep sea as it does Molecular Nuclear Fusion. It reacts will nothing, and is lost to space the same day.

So effectively no fuelling cost! The plant coffee machine will use 25,000 times more regular water.

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