Saturday, 26 March 2016

Saving North America

Bellow Yellowstone park, is a huge magma chamber – that has caused the round to spell be 10 feet in the last 20 years: as old photographs show.
This is the sort of structure that drives a super vvol;cano. When the steam finds its way to the surface, the pressure drops, and the water turns to steam in 5 seconds. With 200 times the force of the bomb that trached Hiroshama.
When it goes off. It will trash North America up t othe torder with Caanda. But that water holds disolved gold, platinum, silver and copper. And is a massive store of free energy.
We drill down, and enter the magma chamber from below. The drilling people have stearabel drill heads that can do this.
When we with graw the drill head, we put a steam pipe in place, to funnel the steam into a Dyson dry cleaner.
We extrac the Au, Pt, Ag, Cu dust – to sedn off to process int oingots. WE now have water at 240oC, 8 bar. So we are progressivelyh venting the pressure from below Yellowstone.
That is why there are so many warm springs in the area. This is nature venting some of the pressure. No we have access to 1,000 the daily global demand fro gold. Sell it to the Chinese – they have an insatiable demand.
We then drive a steam turbine. And after the turbine we cool the exit steam on the cold end of a Carnot heat pump. The hot end will allow us to superheat the entry steam to 800oC.
So on the fringe of Yellowstone we will site heavy power users, utilizing all the cheap, carbon 0 energy.

And we stop the super volcano ever erupting. Instead it gives us limitless goild and carbon 0 power.

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