Thursday, 31 March 2016

Ordsall Creative Writers

We meet at Gail's kitchen, Ordsall Library on Robert Hall St., Ordsall. See
We do creative stuff for Gail Skalley, so at present we are heavily involved with Ordsdall Hall, to bring you a meadeaval festival, to commemmorate our part in the battel of Agincores 500 years ago! To all the French out there 'Lorsque nous vous battre! Pardon'

We are there as the creative arm of Ordsall Arts Group, who give money away to local artists, and link up Ordsall community groups.

I will feature presebt members of the grouo in following weeks. If yolu write, come along, and we wil give you support – and get you published as a paperback on and as an e-book, on Amazon Kindle – that linksx with Apple Ibooks – the world's biggest e-book seller.
My most important book, is on how to use an eultrasonic massage devices to clear all cancers.
JonThm at lulu
Before I came to Salford, I was doing a PhD in Global Warming. Which the group encouraged me to write up.

Ultrasound - cancer cure

Paperback, 98 Pages 
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Highly intensity ultrasound 150 W 40 kHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
Our group leader is Mike Scantlebury – a retired English professor from Salford University. He write crime fiction – I copperated on the nuclear fusion details for his book on Global Warming.,

I following weeks, I will cover Jon & Mike – out video guys. Mike S also got us writing songs, and singing on stage.

Masdge brown is our own Downtown Abbey historical drama experts. I also write some books abot l;ife in Orsall.
So we have a range of interests, are are a source of advice on getting writing, and self publishing. We got the Manager from the Damson restaurant at the Quys, to p[ublish a true histroy book about his fathers place in DunKirk.
So a range of talents and community engagement – so where are you? Salford needs you talents – we wil lshow you how.

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