Monday, 28 March 2016

Nuclear power can't afford ..

To insure itself. After Chernobyl, every PWR on Earth needs insurance cover of 40 billion. After Fukishima 100 billion.
I published this on the Internet, and their finance director resigned – before he was imprisoned. Justice will catch up with him.
Hinckley B only had planning unti l1990: EDF used its ownengineers to get a 26 year life extension. This is illegal.
Planning extensions are only granted, if you used engineers with no link to the industry. No such engineer exists:ergo Hinckley B is operating illegally! And the power station regulator HAS to issue immediate stop orders in 1991!
No PWR can get insurance over 1 billion – so are operating illegally.
So Hinckley C would require an independent royal commission, costing 100 million. Which it would lose – hence its desperation to operate Hinckley illegally.
Resultingly no new plant would ever get an operating licence.
Doubly so, as it could never get the required insurance cover.
So EDF wants the UK government to build the 60 billion plant, then hand it over to EDF, who will be paid 2p per kW hours to generate power.
But plants take in all man's CO2 within 5 minutes – by photosynthesis on the land or in the seas. Man's global footprint in 0.2% over the land. He does not matter. The climate started cooling in 1995, and will next warm naturally in 2023. CO2 follows the wax and wane of plants – it does not affect the weather. Plants are affected by they weather, and CO2 affected by plant growth. This is High School biology.
Nuclear power though up Global Warming after Chernobyl, Ten years after the weather started cooling, it decided to call natural global cooling climate change. Man does not make the weather he lives with it.
A steam plasma turns natural water into massive heat – with no CO2 or radioactive waste.
1 H2O+TU ->He+O+E2+X-ray
A 50x1cm glass tube with a steam plasma in releases a constant 1.2 MW, while we top up the water level with a minuscule amount of regular water.
Heat and electricity with no Fossil Fuels burn, and no hyper toxic uranium fission. Which is EDF's finance manager cut and run. Every EDF plant across the world is operating illegally.
So the UK lawyers would block any Hinckley C every even leaving the drawing board.

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