Saturday, 19 March 2016

Nuclear illegal and UNGREEN

1 Global photosynthesis has converted the burnt fossil fuel back into active life with 5 minutes. Leaving CO2 levels in the air at a static 2 parts per million.
2 Any academic unaware of this basic high school biology must get out of education – shredding all their papers of Global Warming. All PhDs base on these papers are instantly recided.
3 A steam plasma is massive, carbon free energy
1 H2O+TU->He+O+Xray+ Er3 Er3=5.8 MW from a 2 cm wide steam p,lasma in a glass tube. It takes 2,000 V to set up, and self sustains aboe 4 atmospheres
A 1m row of gas or oil burners only releases 45kW – though it does relase life stimulating CO2.
4 Any reporter unbaware of high school biology is a dangerous moron. And should get out of the media – dfeleting all ficticious work on Global Warming first
5 The global climate has been cooling since 1995 – these things work on a natural 28 years cycle. Contoled by predictable solar cycles.
6 Again the static 2ppm in the global air can only rise in a natural ice-age – like in the 18th century. When it rose to 4ppm.
7 Global Warming was devised by nuclear power – who make Plutonium, and spray it on the surrounding continent every 25 years: remember Windscale, 3 Mile-Island, Chernobyl and Fukishima.
8 After Chernobyl, every operating PWR nuclear plant required insurance of 40 billion.
In the UK the Power station regulator HAS to issue immediate stop orders if a plant has insufficient insurance.
Each plant and regular gets a fine of 10 million, and ten years ion jail. No legal wriggle room – it is the law.
Insufficient insurance, and the plant must immediately shut down.
9 Hinckley B only had planning until 1990. Every year of operation is illegla. There will never be a Hinckley C, due to the illagal nature of Uranium fission.
10 Sizewell B also has insuffient ionsurance – dating back to 1986. The same legla fines and jail times applies for the plant manager and regulator.
So there is no legal nuclear plant anywhere in the world. EDF owes a fine of 6.5 billion. EDF UK is bankrupt – btu the fines carries up to EDF France.
Burning the Fossil Fuels increases active life on Earth! Green power. Plants such the extra 0.0004% CO2 out of the air.
11  Uranium nuclear power illegal
No academic is allowed to take money from criminal outfits! But since 1986, nuclear power has been running with inadequate insurance. So all ther academics have to leave education, and repay all wages since then.

Every person on Earth is aware os this basic science – unless they are a dangerous, nuclear funded moron.

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