Thursday, 10 March 2016

No petrol

Since photosynthesis evolved at the end of the Permian, photosynthesis on the land and seas has limited free carbon dioxide.
In the jrassic this was down to 4 parts per million. And we had 3 natural ice ages, when CO2 spiked at 8 ppm. Once ice age laser 650 million years.
In the little ice age of the 19th century, we werre4 back at 4ppm. Man's industry has increased active life on Earth by 20%.
Towns and cities are too small an area to have any effect on the weather.; And globla CO2 is at 2 ppm – except over the Arctics, where CO2 is at 4 ppm.
But nature does Molecular Nuclear Fusion! The turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam turns it into massive heat.
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
Heavy rain does 1, and when we build up a potential charge between the cloud tops, that collect the positive charge, and the ground, that collects the nagative, we get a lightening down strike.
This produces 5 tonnes of He – as we do 1 via a steam plasma. This equates to 2.5x1030 W of power, and fixes all the organic nitrogen, that fertilizes the plant life that caps CO2 at 2ppm.
Photosynthesis goes on in the seas – down to a CO2 level of 2ppm. 60% of the surface of the Earth, that without the land. Leaves CO2 at 2ppm. Proposing a CO2 level of 200ppm is biologicla non sense. CO2 reacts to the weather, iut does not make it! 2Ppm – live with it – nature does!

Nuclear Fusion By Waterfall

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So nature uses a 2cm partial steam plasma to relase 5.8 MW/m. Utilising regular water.
2 H++e- ->n0 hydrogen ions combione with free electrons to form neutrons.
3 H++t n0 ->Et3 about 6 W fron H ions, which have a 10-12 volume
4 O2-+s n0+TU->8h++10e- then 3
So a 25x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres will self sustain, and release 600 kW of heat, from a volume of water too small to measure. Cars are sold with a spring loaded 5 cc water reservoir, and when they are scraped we have almost 5cc of water left.
We mount the steam plasma in a water boiler and generate up to 100 kW of electrcity. We drive the car as a hypercar – a helicoptor only needs 45 kW. So out of town, we extedn helicoptor blades, and fly the car to the destination city.
When no driving, we hook up thje car, and sell the current t othe national grid – at 3 UK pence per kW hour. Generating an annual income of 56,000 UK pounds – via a meter in the car. That down loads its readings every month. Adn the power company send up a cheque.
Which exteeds the annual income of even white collar workers. And the developed world is drievn by carbon free power.
No car or oil burning, and no hyper-toxic U nuclear power. The most toxic industry that will ever exist! The very definition of ungreen.
At least burning Fossil Fuels boosts plant and animal life on Earth – U fission kills it!
So no stop at a service station. The garage hobbyist needs the electronics from a flourescent light – to start the plasma off. The steam from a wall paper stipper – steam at 4 atmoosheres.
And a spring loaded water reservoir. And no petrol or diesel ever! Developing the heliptor wings is more work – but we have produced the ultimate green power for a car – the elctric motors are already made and sold.
So expect petrol prices to keep falling, until nobody even notices! Totally incidental to modern life – powered by Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
A 100 MW power station needs 9 2cm steam plasma tubes, and 0.04cc or regular water a year.

Immersing the tubesin the sea will give the East coast of the UK the climate of Tenerife – for free!

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