Tuesday, 29 March 2016

No Climate Change

We were all taught in high school biology that plants grew, until they had used up the previous day's CO2.
Taking CO2 levels down to 2 parts per million. Man's burning of the Fossil Fuels has added an extra 0.00004% every day, to the life supporting CO2 in the global air. So in the afternoon air around the temperate areas of land and sea, we are back to a pre-industrial 2ppm.
CO2 levels rise in an ice-age. The jurassic had 3 ice-ages. 1 lating 650 milion years, wih CO2 levels at 8 perts per million. 4 times the trace in the air today.
A static trace gas, which affects nothing. So no academic could ever ethically have believed in Global Warming – even before the natural climate started cooling 1995.
Which is why I failed to find any papers on rising CO2 levels, during my PhD work in 2000. And also why my PhD got ended, when I started talking about global photosynthesis in 2001.
Though to be honest, I also invoked Molecular Nuclear Fusion – and I have published loads of stuff on nuclear fusion on the internet.
Nuclear Power could only legally operate with adequate insurance. After Chernobyl, that number was 40 billion.

Waterfall Fusion

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Nature does massive amounts of nuclear fusion every day using the turbulent flow of high pressure water or steam! Hence the massive amount of helium gas in the global air.
No commercial insurance was available above 1 billion, so nuclear power published the biologically stupid Global Warming, and financially compromised its legal regulator.
The lawyers have a name for this sort of behaviour 'Criminal Commerce'. The power company and regular both get fines of 10 million annually, and 10 years in jail, for both plant managers and regulator.
EDF owes the British tax payer 1.8 billion. And its maanger 1.8 millenia in jail. This is the least green, and most priminal firm in history.
I published this idea on the internet, and the financial director of PDF suddenly left! The jail term will follow him.
Hinckley B had planning until 1990. Every year of operation since then invokes the same penalties. Which means Hinckley C will require a full public inquiry – and since Hinckley B has operated so illegally for 30 years, day 1 will see the lawyers throw the planning hearing out.
So no Chinese backer will invest the 60 billion to build a plant: again, nuclear power can't borrow the required money - wanting the British tax payer to build the plant, and pay a guaranteed 2p per kW hour.
But a steam plasma 50x1cm in size, will produce a constant 1.2 MW – as demonstrated by lightening releasing 2.5x1030 W, from a 1.5km steam plasma – set up by rain doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU ->He2++O2-+E2+X-ray
So nature is using heavy rain to do nuclear fusion, around the world now. For free. Non toxic, and no CO2.
Lightening fixes the organic nitrogen, that fertilises life: that limits CO2 levels to 2ppm globally.
2 tN2+O2+H2O ->H2NtOH nitric and nitrous acids
So nature limits CO2. There was 65% more life in the Jurassic. There is no limit to life – other than available CO2, growing space, light and water. Life can use all the CO2 it can yet. The Fossil Fuels were active life in the Jurassic.
So obviously, no Global Warming! Natural Global Warming ended 21 years ago. A static trace of CO2 in the air – so obviously Climate Change has no meaning.
And nuclear power have been operating its PWRs illegally for 30 years. Academics are not allowed to take money from criminal operations.
So must repay all finances it got from nuclear power – and shred and delete all papers on Global Warming or Climate Change. Though to be honest, all academic work stopped 2005, as my photosynthesis idea got out.
So Global Warming was 'academic lead': biological non sense. Climate Change was worse. And still nuclear power operates it PWRs.

And is even trying to get Chinese money to build new, illegal plants. That national regulators would never issue operating licenses to. Wasted money. Any illegal industry.

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