Friday, 11 March 2016

My recent work

Post 2000
I came to Salford 2001, which ended my PhD – but I got to sing on the biggest theatre stage in the UK for a week – ring the 'Ring of Stones': a rock operate about the black death!
Since 2001 I have done a lot of work on cancer – the modern black death.
From 2008 I got busy writing and singing music. We have gone from Urban Folk to rock. The money for theatre singing dried up with the credit crunch – when we were getting £700 for a 3 number gig.
2015 I was elected as the vice chairman of Ordsall creative writers – this has been a big use of my time. See 'JonThm' for my books. The nuclear fusion work came out of my PhD studies.
We got a heritage Lottery grant last year, for 4 documentaries on the return of the soldiers from the great war.
We were looking for another grant for some work on Agincore, but we will have to change Ordsall Arts Group to a charity, limited liability company!
We also need a temporary Chair, so I am thinking of becoming acting chair – so we can do more video work.
Since coming to Salford I trained as video reporter, with People's Voice media – and now do work as a video reporter.
I am thinking of becoming a drama director at Oasis high school – to video our work and out it out on YouTube. This stuff is not on my CV, as I would not even know how to add it.
My major work today is writing music and books – while making videos.

To this end, I have done training with the BBC.

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