Saturday, 12 March 2016

Medicine has 0 value

Medical students rack up huge debt. And the only way they can pay this back, is by prescribing bio-chemistry.
But since 2002 the cure to cancers (heart disease and diabetes) has been a single application of High Intensity Ultrasound. I have found ½ a minute of external 8 W 1 MHz ultrasound from a massage devi8ce works.
This is best medicine! Bio-chemistry gives the patietn a 2 year decline to an agonising death. So Dr.s feel compelled to kill their own patients for money! Totally against their Hippocratic oath – taken BEFORE they entre medical service.

graph showing trends in death rates 1930-2012
This menas ever health centre on Earth has negative value – but Dr.s sell them for 1.4 million and then retire – from killing patients.
No resitered Dr is allowed to precribe chemo or radio therapy, bio-chemical treatments, or surgery. No surgeon can ethically give cancer surgery – which kills half its patients.
Health centrew shave no value or use! HIUS sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion, as all cancer cells must be inflated to grow, and HIUS sets off cell boiling only in cancer cells.

1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray H2Op=the pressurised cells typical of cancers.

Cancer Is Cured

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